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Do we ever see intellectuals mobilize like in the Spanish Civil War/Revolution?

Asked by incendiary_dan (13381points) March 11th, 2011

In the 1930’s, during the Spanish Civil War, a lot of famous writers and intellectuals travelled to Spain to fight on the side of the Spanish people against the fascists in the International Brigades. Do we see anything like that today? Or even in the last 30 years? Will we see people picking up arms to go help the Libyan people, or perhaps the Saudis? What about groups that go help defend besieged indigenous groups?

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There are lots of folks from the muslim world taking up arms and fighting with the Taliban in Pakistan/Afghanistan right now.

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Excellent point. I guess I was thinking more about Western intellectuals and writers, and didn’t consider the trend going on within those regions already.

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A dear friend of mine’s father was in the Abraham Lincoln Brigade. He helped slow down the facists before World War II.
On his return to America, he was treated with suspicion. The Government didn’t call it treason, but they saw it as UnAmerican. It was many years before he received the long overdue recognition.
Not long before his death a few years ago, he finally received an honorable Spanish citizenship.
That he was so right so long before everyone else didn’t matter.
That behavior was certainly not encouraged.

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The intellectuals didn’t make a very good army, the fascists won. I would rather have union workers helping me fight today’s American fascist movement (a.k.a. conservative republicans)

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