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Where to get clothing materials?

Asked by Atheros (320points) March 12th, 2011

Is it possible to buy raw materials, like solely cloth for let’s say suits, that are later branded Hugo Boss? Yes, I mean something like ‘Made in China’ textile directly from fabric.

If yes, where could I order pieces of such cloth?

Thank you.

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Fabric from every part of the world can be purchased online. Just type retail fabrics into your search box.

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I used to go here to get beautiful fabrics that were specific to designers.I am not sure what they carry now as I have since realized that I cannot sew to save my life! XD
Good Luck

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Look for fabric stores in your area. Cloth is typically sold by either the yard/meter, or by the bolt.

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I think when you buy straight from factories, they only do bulk sales?

A lot of textile factories don’t have online presence because they don’t need one. They have regular clients and so they build on those relationships and rely on word-of-mouth insider referrals. For example, a cotton factory would have clients like bedsheet manufacturer, curtain maker, fabric printing plant, etc.

In short, I don’t think online searching alone is enough. You’ll probably have to dig deeper or find those connections.

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