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Is this a good place to find a date or good friend?

Asked by iomar (26points) April 17th, 2008 from iPhone

Hello everey one! I am in the Los Angeles area and was was wondering if this is a good place to find a date
or a good female friend? I am not sure how can it be done. Did anyone actully dated anyone from here? Thanks!

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This isn’t a website to be finding dates. I have friends from here, but I don’t think that’s the kind of friend you’re talking about.

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Not really, I don’t think anyone has gotten a date off of fluther, we asked this question the other day, but its a nice thought, you could always private comment anyone you find interesting!

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You might be able to have a few good laughs on here – who knows if you’re lucky you may end up getting to know somone you could consider friend. But this is definitely NOT a place to find a date.

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Wow, your answers come right away. It seems like more people or activity posting and replying on this site than some other once I have used. I have even posted a question like this on criaggslist and didn’t get a good response, only some weird once from some weird guys. :) ok let me get in the shower I am getting late for work, typing on this iPhone takes forever.

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don’t really use fluther for Dating. I am not saying you can’t, it just you won’t find much for the amount of time you put in here. For both friends and date, I usually find them at work, in class, or gym. For work, I don’t suggest dating anyone who you see everyday for if it don’t work out it will be awkward.

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if in los angeles, well depends on how old you are. If you love books ucla is holding its annual festival of books. If you into nature, the grunion run is at it best. If you’re into fine dining you can’t go wrong on olympic blvd near Santa monica for great food in mini tokiyo. You can never go wrong 3rd st in Santa monica on Friday and Saturday night

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Yeah well, i live in la and ive dated a few guys but somehow, they were just never serious about it while i was giving it my bestest. Its just about meeting the right person at the right time.Just keep your eyes open. I would say that la isn’t the ideal place to meet people because especially guys r overperverted. I want some emotional, cute talk too not just that constant sexistic and dirty crap. Its hard finding someone i like.

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wow punkrockworld sorry to hear that youve had such a negative effect in la. There lots of guys you can meet who are not sexist. Where did u meet these guys? Maybe its your appearance that brings out the beast out of guys

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I meet them everywhere. They just assume I want to hook up with them while Im really not that kind of girl who does that with a stranger. Lots of girls here, do but im not following that trend cuz i dont wanna go sellmyself cheap when i know i can do way better.

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