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How can I re-install my netbook webcam?

Asked by max_gutierrez (341points) March 12th, 2011

I have an emachines 350 netbook, it’s camera used to work fine but now i can’t use it anywhere, I was told to uninstall and use the driver but it tells that “The camera module has not found! Please plug in the camera module an then run installation again” , Any help?
(it’s a built – in webcam obviously)

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There is a remote chance that the cable got knocked loose from the motherboard. If/when that happens, there is no way to get the software to see it aside from plugging it back in.

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hello. i got the same problem with my emachine 350. just go here click the application tab you can see web cam application. download it the extract it and then install it! ^_^

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