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If you like "One Less Set of Footsteps" by Jim Croce, what similar song comes to mind?

Asked by flo (13313points) March 12th, 2011

…not necessarily his. And even if you don’t like it, if you are just a music expert…
And which of his albums contains the most similar to that song?

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I am not all that familiar with him so I downloaded it from iTunes.
I am very familiar with The Beatles because that is all I heard in my house as a kid.
After hearing it I think that song is similar to “I’m Looking Through You”

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@josie thanks. He reminds me of James Taylor. The clarity of the lyrics and the voice at least.

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@josie I heard the Beatles song. I don’t have the best ear, I have to keep listening to it.

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Jimmy Buffett sounds a little like him. However, if you go to, and enter “Jim Croce” it will give you a visual map of artists who are considered similar to him.

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I went to itunes and clicked on the itunes icon and entered Jim Croce. I got “sorry but no results matched your search in apple store” on the left hand cornerĀ­. I almost left because of the “no results” answer, and on the bottom right hand corner there is the list of his work from itunes.

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Apple Store takes you to applications. That’s why you got “no results”
iTunes>iTunes Store on left hand navigation bar> Search Jim Croce in upper right hand search

Or, go to>search music>Jim Croce, get the Jim Croce Store

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I went to Google asked for and when I got thereI only clicked on “itune” (in black background).

By the way I entered the correct spelling jim croce, I got “Did you mean jim crowe?”
itunes result is there in the page, except not visible without scrolling down, so how can it say “no ressults” if the result is there. It is contradicting itself. This is too funny.

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One Toke Over the Line by Brewer and Shipley has a similar tune, instrumental arrangements and the voices are similar to Jim Croce’s

Dionne Warwick’s One Less Bell to Answer (performed her by Marilyn McCoo) has similar lyrics.

Gordon Lightfoot in Canadian Railroad Trilogy has a similar voice and tune phrasing to Jim Croce’s song.

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Okay this time it not doing what I posted above. It is giving me a the no result but with not much else, but now it gave me what I posted above.

@Kardamom Thanks! I will be listening to them.

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@Kardamom I do hear the similarity in One Toke Over the Line. You are right about the others as well.
@BarnacleBill Jimmy Buffet does sound like him.
Thanks all.

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This is the result in itunes (contradiction that I wrote about in 3rd to last post)

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