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Name of film based on a true story?

Asked by erus (80points) March 12th, 2011

The movie begins with a guy in his old room laying on his old tiny mattress next to a wall he had drawn on all his life. He is drugged up and contemplating suicide. As a child, things weren’t any better. He received daily beatings by his mother, his father was a deadbeat drunk who never stood up to his wife, he later was taken into foster care. As he got older he was pressured into street fighting for money, he opened a bar, bought a house he couldn’t pay and was an addict. He wanted to better himself and wanted out so he buys a gun, confronts his bosses, takes their money. The End. anyone? also I think it might be a British film.

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I don’t recognise the plot but it sounds like something I would like so I’ll follow this question and hope someone knows.

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Its not Trainspotting is it?

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@spykenij that is not the plot of trainspotting

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It has been forever since I’ve seen it, but I remembered a lot of drugs and fighting in it. Sorry dude.

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