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When you need to deal with some pent up anger, how do you get 'er out?

Asked by Jude (32131points) March 12th, 2011

To quote Shirley Q “I want to fight”.

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I chop wood. Hitting something with an axe is very therapeutic.

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I go for a long walk or run. It really helps.

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I lay in bed and call my mother when I’m really angry, she always helps me put a smile back on :)

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Two words: Punching. Bag.

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@Randy I wish that I had one right now.

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No idea who Shirley Q. is. Anyway, I like to gamble or play sports or both of them at the same time or write/play music or just stew around until it passes.

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Time heals all wounds.

Best advise is to avoid the problem. Get in your car and drive around for about two hours and then go back,

This really does work. I gave this advise to many couples that were just in a heated domestic violence arguement with no injuries or assaults.

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I do frantic exercise to wear myself down and then go soak in the bathtub, maybe with a glass of wine afterwards, a movie marathon and then with any luck… sleep.

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Go into your bathroom and unroll an entire roll of toilet paper in a fast, violent manner. Do another if you need to. Bingo! Almost as good as a punching bag. =)

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You could just actually punch the offending person. Is this related to your previous thread?

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@incendiary_dan Oh, I would love to, and, yes.

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Destroying things is a good way to get rid of frustration and just imagine the person ‘s face on what you’re destroying.

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I used to have a punching bag…now I just punt meatloaves through the goal posts.
Exercise works well for me as does having a conniption.

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I juggle Kleenex….10 minutes of that untangles the most knotted of bunched up undies. ;)

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At night, go outside and look at the stars. During the day, walk around goodwill for a while.

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I always go for the punching bag,, but don’t stop to put on gloves….somehow bare knuckle punching is much more satisfying….
Also, RUN…it’s really helpful.

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Exercise or a quick and frantic frenzy of housecleaning.

Then I write a nasty and truly vitriolic letter to the person at fault (I assume no blame in this exercise). I use as many tasteless phrases and original invective as I can; then I reread and either delete or file in my “unsent letters” folder.

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Walk or housework.

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Fast walk; although I tend to get pent-up depressions more than anger.

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*Take a good walk or hike for an hour or more
*Go for a jog
& I do the same thing @gailcalled does…*Write a letter. Sometimes I send mine, especially if they’re to editors of the local papers or to local politicians.

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Go for a walk, talk to someone and vent a bit (get a reality check), speak to the person who seriously pissed me orffffffffffff.

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I don’t get angry that often and it takes something really big to make me feel this way, I’m usually just hurt or upset.
If I do get angry it’s a Housework rampage! all them icky jobs I don’t like doing I go and do,
Then I go and sit in the garden reflecting for letting myself be weakened to the point of anger. Watching my two bunnies hopping around carelessly, my humble dog with her happy go lucky spirit and the beauty of nature just makes me realise what was the point.

Then I go and write a poem :)

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I find a random friend and just start talking to them about it, but I never go talk to the person that made me mad. If talking to someone doesn’t work, I either throw something soft or attempt to break something (I’m not very strong) and then I go clean my room.

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