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Is Guantanamo Bay Americas greatest Islamic Extremist Recruitment Drive?

Asked by RareDenver (13168points) March 12th, 2011

Do you ever get the feeling they yearn for another “Enemy” now that the Soviet Union has fallen?

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I’m not sure which “they” you’re referring to. But invading Iraq was much more of a terrorist recruitment drive.

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Our very existence is enough. Guantanamo is, at worst, gravy.

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I agree with the people above me, with the exception of @Nullo. I sincerely doubt they’re mad that we simply exist. I’m betting the meddling in their political systems is probably the biggest factor. And by that, I’m including @zenvelo‘s statement about invading them with our military.

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So the US Justice Department rule that Guantanamo Bay can be considered outside US legal jurisdiction and then the Bush administration stated that any prisoners won’t be entitled to any of the protections of the Geneva Conventions.

This coming from a country that professes to fight for freedom and Human Rights. The UK are no better, they are so deep in bed with the US that they can only be considered the stain on the sheets from the fucking they give to other countries.

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@kenmc We are talking about extremists, here.

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Our tendency to invade Islamic countries and watch them descend into civil wars is probably pretty high on the list too.

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Hmm… I thought it was about extremist recruiting. I would think it’s something one has to be pushed into as opposed to already being that way.

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You’ll notice that non-extremist Muslims aren’t lining up to blow us all to pieces. I suspect that recruitment isn’t a matter of us pushing, but of them leading and playing things up. I do believe that the restoration of the Caliphate is one of the goals?
Europe is being subdued via more demographic tactics.

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It’s one factor. A bigger factor is the illegal second war in Iraq lacking Arab allies.

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Turns out AlQaida are taking down Kadaffi. I bet the City folks are laughing their heads off and betting on higher crude prices. Always up.

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Our status as the only superpower is enough to spark recruitment for extremists. It has been that way throughout history. Rome was resented to the point that it was looted and burned several times by its rivals. The Spanish empire was resented by the rest of the European nations, particularly the British. The British Empire was resented by the Colonists and the European powers.

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Plenty of people think that prisons are recruitment stations for the eventual destroyers of civilization. Many of those who say that are the prisoners. They want you to think that.

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The U.S. prison system, in general is a recruiting tool for all kinds of terrorists, White Power, Islamic, Black Power, Hispanic Power, and Drug Lords. Adding Guantanamo to the mix is only a cherry topping to the world’s view of America as a violent, untrustworthy nation.
Mix in the CIA and State Department’s interference in the government of a wide number of countries and you inspire all sorts of activists and terrorists.

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