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What is your favorite flavor of popcorn? Do you add stuff to it?

Asked by Aster (18382points) March 12th, 2011

I bounce back and forth from Movie Theater Butter with extra added hot, melted butter and BBQ SEASONING to Kettle Korn with nothing added. What about you?

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Just like to pop it up in a pot with some veggie oil, dump into a bowl, and douse with SALT!!!! Orville Redenbocker ONLY!

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I switch between adding Pop Rocks and Chocolate Fudge syrup. Sometimes both! Yum!

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I like straight up boring popcorn with seasoned salt. Or, if I’m at the movies, I love to mix the white cheddar and ketchup seasonings! It tastes like Kraft Dinner. Or scrambled eggs.

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Butter and if I don’t any butter any popcorn seasoning besides kettle corn

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I only like extra butter popcorn. It has to have tons of pepper and salt.

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I have really never once thought of adding pepper (which I do like, btw)

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@Aster If you like pepper, you’ll love it. It adds a whole new taste.

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I love buttery popcorn with salt, and LOve toffee popcorn too. mmmmmmmm…...

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Black kernel popcorn, small kernels and really dry.

The best was “Black Cat Popcorn” from some farm in Illinois, I bought it a couple of times from my local grocery and have been yearning for it ever since.

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The best I’ve ever had was when I was a kid your parent would melt caramels in one pan while the corn was popping. Then you would mix the corn into the melted caramels and form balls as big as baseballs. They were hot , not room temperature, and when you took one bite the popcorn would crumble all over the floor.

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Sweet cinema-style popcorn

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butter and a little salt is all I need. I especially like the movie theater kind cooked in coconut oil!

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