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Does anyone know any good websites before the Great Depression, and that is more specifically about the American Government?

Asked by remambermee (442points) March 12th, 2011

Or know any websites about the American Government between 1924 and 1929?
I’ve tried looking, and all I’m finding are stories as to how the Great Depression happened or summaries of the Great Depression… I need details as to what was happening in the Government.

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I’d do searches for Coolidge and Hoover, and look at sites here .

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You might try here. It seems the best searches are through “roaring twenties”. Since it was a time of isolationism and Laissez faire government, there wasn’t a lot of notable government intervention other than the obvious ‘prohibition’ and stuff like that.

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Here and here are two more you can look at.

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I can tell what was happening but only if you want to listen. There was something going on to stop our constitutional government and become a one world order. The great depression was planned and was instigated as a test by those that felt they could control our country through the economy.

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To understand what happened in US government between 1924 to 1929, I would suggest you start in 1913. No era is understandable in isolation.

The subjects below will cover from just before WWI through most of the 1920s. If you continue to open links in the articles, such as those in Wikipedia, you will protract your research behond those subjects into little known, but sometimes important and enlightening details. A lot happened and much of it still affects us today. For sites concerning each subject, simple go to the bottom of each article and open all the External Links into separate tabs. If you enjoy research, you could be at this for a week or more.

Search by subject:
Federal Reserve Banking Act of 1913
Paul Warburg
Nelson W. Aldrich
Federal Income Tax
The Sedition Act of 1918
Palmer Raids
Women’s suffrage, 19th Amendment, 1920
Woodrow Wilson
League of Nations
Prohibition, Volstead Act, 18th Amendment
Anti-communism (1920s)
KKK march on Washington, DC
Warren G. Harding
The death of Warren Harding
The Teapot Dome Scandal
Albert Fall
Calvin Coolidge (and his administration)
Herbert Hoover (and his administration)

That should get you started. Enjor the journey.

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Oh yeah. Definitely look up US Marine General Smedley Butler and his book War Is a Racket. He became famous in the 1930s, but it was all about his time in the Marines in the 1920s. And his history highlights what kind of political trouble this country was in during the ‘30s as a result of the ‘20s.

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This fellow’s archives are spread around, so you have to search for more essays. Obviously, it’s a common name, but his analysis is worth the effort.

BTW the site itself is not so great. Too much nonsense about “SHTF”.

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