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Do you ever get the feeling you're being watched?

Asked by MilkyWay (13705points) March 12th, 2011

Doesn’t matter where you are, alone in your bedroom, in your garden or even shopping…. just that feeling you get.You know there’s no one there as you look around to check.
Do you? Why do you think it happens?

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It’s probably just gas. Take some Bean-O you’ll be fine. ;P

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Always, but especially when that little light next to the webcam comes on inexplicably

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One of the things I teach my students is how to be invisible. We do the watching.

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Yes! Quite often too. Ugh, it puts a clog in the works sometimes!

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i have that feeling right now…. is one of your students watching me then @incendiary_dan ?

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I certainly hope not, they should be practicing their bow drills and such. We start class again in a couple weeks!

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Police officers are constantly watched by the public. They believe police officers should be a cut above the average citizen and I agree. My neighbors are always on the prowl, especially when I cut the grass or go to the mailbox. Little do they realize, that I know they are watching and that is okay with me.

I have nothing to hide.

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@john65pennington that’s because you’re watching them back, Lakeview Terrace anyone?

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I live with cats. I am being watched. They plot, and wait.

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What kind of question is this? Who sent you? Who sent you??!!??

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@john65pennington, I wish more cops were like you.

With today’s technology, if you think you are being watched…. you probably are.

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@queenie,who is that at your back?:):)
A friend of mine once said if you feel like someone is watching you it is because someone is thinking of you.

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@queenie if you are serious, and you aren’t abusing any drugs, you might want to look into paranoia or other personality disorders. Best wishes.

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No, not really. In fact, I often feel like I’m not being watched even when I know I am. That’s cool because it’s unusual. Yep, those are the rules.

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I’m just an average man, with an average life. I work from 6 to whenever. Hey, hell, I paid my price. All I want to do is be left alone, in my average home. But why do I always feel like I’m in the twilight zone? I always feel that someone’s watching me, and I’ve got no privacy…..

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard only one word… WOW.
@bkcunningham Nah, I think I’m mentally fine….
@filmfann Who sent me? Your worst nightmare . . . mwahahaha

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I work in a haunted office. I’‘m always being watched.

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Sometimes I feel like I’m being watched, but it’s usually at school and later find out that I actually was being watched by some random person at my school. It’s kinda creepy…

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All right! All right, already! Jeez. I’ll stop watching. There are you happy?

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Totally : ) @6rant6 P.S Don’t you even try to start watching me again….howd you do it then, eh?

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard lol….Crazy Detailed pic…Big white building on the left….Light pole behind stands…Building behind light pole….Roof of building….far right of roof…4 people…lol

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I don’t like watching horror films with the door behind me left open.

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Fiddle, thanks for the nice comment. jp

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I love the feeling of being watched when am wearing my “keep staring, maybe i’ll do a trick” shirt haha

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We honestly are never alone and we are being watched. There are many that are behind the veil and watch us and try and help when they can. Many of them have lived before us and some have not had the opportunity to have an earthly body yet. You are NEVER alone. Blessings

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@john65pennington, certainly!

@coffeenut, yep! Point being, you never know when someone has a million megapixel camera pointed at you so they can look at the boogers in your nose from a mile away later on.

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I imagine I’m being watched. I think it’s just my ego wanting stroking. I find myself holding my head higher or turning my good profile side to the imagined watcher. I’m aware it’s my imagination, but I kind of enjoy it.
I had a friend who knew guys in the apartment next to hers were looking into her bathroom window. I asked her why she didn’t just pull the shade down. Her reply was, “I wouldn’t give them the satisfaction.” I never did understand that.

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The honestly of the young and everything being so new and alive is so wonderful. Have you ever just sat and watched young children take whatever they have and use it in such amazing ways.

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I HATE it when a cat stares into a dark corner, looking up at the wall for no apparent reason. That makes me feel watched!

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@ucme lol, SICK tune! haha ; D

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It seems like every time I look in the rear view mirror there is a big black scary looking mustang there.
I realize I’m late to the party. I haven’t read the other posts yet.

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@queenie If this is a serious concern, as I believe it is, then you deserve a serious response.

Please contact me directly my personal message and we can discuss your concerns.

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Actually, yes I do sometimes. Seriously. But it only happens when I’m naked or in the shower/bath. It’s this odd, “sinking butterfly gurgly” feeling in the pit of my stomach, and I think it goes back to a creepy doctor of mine when I was a kid, that gave me the same feeling.

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I can’t stop sing the the song that @troubleinharlem posted.

No, mine is more likely that someone is running and trying not to make eye contact. Especially those in my immediate family. Everyone is constantly afraid that I have a new project and I’m going to drag them in on it, too.

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Paranoid a little?

I was watching you type that question in.

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I thought it was this one.

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@Summum Life is mundane enough most of the time when you’re doing it. Can’t imagine what it would be like to watch.

Or maybe you were saying that’s what hell is? Big TV screens – nothing but reality shows and they don’t even cut out the boringest parts?

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I had trouble putting words together there didn’t I. LOL No I meant it is remarkable to watch a child as all things are new and you see them experience things for the first time. I wish we could sit back and draw some of that into our lives and just enjoy all that is around us and treat it as something new and remarkable. The spirit world is right here with us and those that have passed are here and they can watch us and see what is going on. They are behind the veil and are in a different dimension.

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@Summum I understand that in abstract that can be a comforting thought. But the devil, as they say, is the details. I get enough disapproval from people who aren’t even aware of what I’m doing most of the time. Can’t imagine what someone who doesn’t have to deal with say, walls, would contribute.

We grow, change, evolve. Dead people – not so much.

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@6rant6 Dead people are only dead as far as the mortal body is concerned. Progression never ends.

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I promise, no one is watching you. Really.

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Okay, this is kind of strange, but for musical rehearsal the title characters and chorus characters have been working separately.I’m a chorus person. Last rehearsal the directors brought in the titles near the end so they could hear how well we’re doing. Out of fourteen ladies and twelve knights (the chorus people) I felt like half the people were watching me and only me, including these three random adults that came in to say hi to someone. It was creepy.

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You ARE being watched.

A psychological study about 30 years ago came up with this conclusion:
People who are paranoid have reason to be.

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@anartist You’re talking about me again, aren’t you….

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Actually just look around.. You’ll find a camera on almost every posthole, traffic light, cubby nook and computer webcam everywhere.. THAT’S where your feelings originate from.

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Dead people watch us – especially in the shower and when you think you’re alone in bed giving your naughty parts a twirl…. mwahahahaha

But as a possibly relevant sidebar, when I think about it some, it reminds me of some classes and test sessions I participated in years ago on remote viewing where impressions of distant or non co-temporal targets can be obtained. A facilitator read out loud co-ordinates associated with a bunch of photos than none of us are shown and had to draw and describe what the pic showed – I had pretty accurate impressions but I put it down to beginner’s luck.

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you are being watched… jesus.

Sometimes his presence is felt more by other people than by others. you should talk to jesus.

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God watches me all the time

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