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Validity of an answer according to Lurve?

Asked by 2CDenzy (442points) March 12th, 2011

Does the amount of Lurve someone possesses influence how reliable the answer is in your opinion?

I really hope not because I’m sitting at a rock-bottom 145.

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Hm, no. Everyone has to start somewhere, after all. Lurve seems more to me like a reflection of the amount of contributions someone has mad to the site.

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However, if you have been here for a long time, posting responses and your lurve number is very low, you would have to question whether people find your answers useful. I would assume you have only just joined the collective though and so are still finding your feet.

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An answer here IMO stands on its own 2 feet with or without lurve to back it up.

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@Mz_Lizzy Good point, I never thought of that! Luckily I am a newbee, phew.

@Talimze I think that is most how I look at Lurve as well. But that also raises the point that since they have more contributions they might know more through experiences on this site. What do you think?

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Sort of? I don’t think it’s that cut and dry. It really depends on all the individual questions, and how heated (or not), how lurve-y (or not), how active (or not), etc (or not-etc), each one is. There are so many contextual variables when it comes to “GA!” that I think to boil it down to good or bad may actually take away. And many of the answers here are opinions, so I’m not sure how much more valid one view of the world can be over another. Except mine. They’re always right… Hahh I’m so kidding.

I know that many members, that while they think some answers are great, have confessed to not even always remembering to hit the button, because they get so caught up in the answer, or the discussion as a whole.

The biggest factor, I think, is just time, and how much you answer within that time. You’ve been here three days? Answered twenty times, asked four questions including this one? (I went and looked at your profile to see what you were talking about.) You’re doing just fine “score” wise. And I have to put “score” in quotations, because it’s not really a score, not in the sense that there are winners and losers and people that are better than others.

The best part of this site, I find, is that while lurve can feel good to get (someone went to the effort of clicking that button for me!) it doesn’t measure your worth. Which is a very good thing for me, as I slowly crawl my “score” up ; ) The jellies here just love lurve people that come and stay, become part of the community, and except for the lighthearted celebrations of landmarks, no one is keeping “score”.

Oh, and btw, Welcome!

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No, there are some complete dumbasses on this site with a lot of lurve.

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No. I have a lot of lurve because I say a lot of shit people laugh at.
@incendiary_dan is right. I am a complete dumbass.

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No, I don’t usually read the name until after I have read the answer. If the answer is good, regardless of who has answered, I give them lurve.

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Nah. Good is good, whether you’re new or old. Welcome to the site!

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MIlo here: All my answers stand on their own four feet.

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<—— Complete Dumbass

@incendiary_dan told me so, and I believe him,

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Lurve is awarded for attendance, achievements, and for people thinking that you ask good questions and provide good answers – or at least, answers that they think are good. I’m probably one of the most disagreeable people here, and I’ve got 13k. Took me a while, but eh.

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Sure. When @marinelife and @jeruba first joined their answers weren’t worth shit. You should have seen some of their responses.~

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@jonsblond Oh man, that Jeruba! I’m glad that she came around. :P

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Usually those with high lurves do have good and great answers,
but it’s a communal thing as you will find out.
Look at it this way if you were to answer a question with your lurve, and you answered it greatly, but another person answered the same with a higher lurve equally well, then the one with the higher lurve will generate much higher attention and praise or lurve.

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Not always.

Sometimes it’s just a sign that someone has a lot of friends.

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<< Or spends far too much time here.

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Stop looking at me @augustlan.

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You tend to get more validity if your comment is something, or has a point of view that matches theirs. That’s only natureal.

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I think this preoccupation with random numbers placed beside our names is actually quite pointless. Fairly ironic really.

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No. I’ve seen some really stupid answers that have a ton of lurve.

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Now now, I left the dumbasses nameless to prevent your their embarassment.

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@incendiary_dan You didn’t tell me not to say. Did I do something wrong? Huh? Huh? Cause I hate doing wrong things even if that’s all I do. Or so you said.

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I also think it involves the nature of the question. Many of the Qs here are seeking opinions and one persons opinion is as valid as another.

But on factual Qs, for me at least, it’s much more about the life experience or RL job of the person answering.

We have several RL docs here so I’d be much more inclined to value their input on medical issues above anyone else (unless that person had prior personal experience with the illness or symptom as a patient).

Also being aware that anyone can be anything on the Internet , it’s not only that someone claims to be an MD, but also that their responses over time are also indicative of the expertise they claim. There is a consistency of medical knowledge displayed in their responses.

Usually this correlates with lurve but not necessarily on every single answer because if few people read the Q (probably because it doesn’t pertain to their particular circumstance) that would result in less lurve.

In short, while lurve is nice and all, it’s not the be all and end all. There are plenty of other factors to be considered.

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Great Caesar’s ghost, have you ever heard the term it’s nor what you know, it who you know? To get someone to GQ or GA you and not have a lot of folk in your corner of be well liked you better have an answer or a question of mystic or monumental quality. Lurve is more to how popular the answerer or questioner is. Look at the gravity of the questions that actually got them a lot of GQ, how much did it really stop someone in their tracks and make them use their brain matter? Did it make people do a 180 or expand their mind even a bit? It is almost like Dancing With the Stars where a better dancer will be sent packing where a “Palinish” dancer will hang around to the semi-finals because they are a fan favorite; not because they are technically better dancers. You want to up your lurve I can tell you how but I am not crazy enough to tell you openly. ;-P

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@Nullo You have been dethroned from the shuttle butt I have heard. I am reviled, repugnant, insensitive, rude, Boorish and divisive, so mentioned….not necessarily in that order….

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