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All right!!! Everyone freeze!!! It's a bust at the 20k mansion!

Asked by Shiva (226points) March 12th, 2011

No, wait! It’s just a celebration for everyones favorite jelly-cop! Let’s hear it for john65pennington !!! Testimonials will not require the usual body-cavity search!

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Congrats Officer, Sir!!! You are a wealth of knowledge and a good judge of horseflesh.

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Yay John. Well done. Always excellent responses from you so well deserved entry into the mansion I would say. Will you still want to talk to us in the lower ranks now you have reached such an esteemed position and can hang with the elite!

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Wow! Congrats on the 20 grand sir! Very cool!

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Way to go super cop with a guitar! haha

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Congo Rats and Well Done!!! Thanks for taking the time to post here! Great Googlie Wooglie!!! WTFG!!!

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Congratulations John! I can always count on you for the value of your questions and responses. The 20K is well deserved.

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What would we do without you John? Our fluther world would be a little less reasonable, a little less compassionate and a little less “devils advocate” oriented without you. Thanks : )

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Congratulations to a great guy!
Here’s a tune for ya! :)

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Congrats on 20K @john!

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Congratulations, John! I am so happy you’re here. :]

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Wow! Congrats!

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Congrats to You on your 20K!

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Does applause count as keeping my hands where you can see them?

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I am calling in a 10–64 on this celebratory 415!

that was lame-o.

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lol I wonder if he ever just rolls his eyes at the cop puns. :-)

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No, he just thinks we are all 51–50

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Oops maybe that’s just me…

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Crazy, if my information is correct

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Nods… he would be on the money I think. We love him anyway, mad as hatters though we may be.

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<<bats eyelashes>>

Why, yes sir. I am aware I was speeding. I’ve got a 20k party I must attend. I’m sure you understand. :D

Fluther wouldn’t be the same without you, John. Congrats!

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He’s a good guy. He’s earned it. Congrats, John.

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Way to go @john65pennington What an arresting personality. Stick with us. Your life experience adds so much practialc value to the discussions here.

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Congrats to our resident lawman with the DJ skillz!

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YAY!!!! Congrats to you, john! :)

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Serious congrats to @johnpennington, you are my favorite cop and often only ally! Way to go matey!!!

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Congrats on the 20k! Hey! Anyone know who’s the Designated Driver tonight?

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congrats… on 20K

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Way to work the jelly beat there flat-foot. Keeping the lagoon safe for us mostly law abiding jellies. Admired by the fellas for level-headed, well-informed manliness and swooned over by the ladies for that amazing gun (handcuffs included). Why not bring those long arms of the law in for a bear hug brother? Then back to the mean streets of Flutherville for ya copper. Congratulations sir. Ya done good.

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@john65pennington You are an arresting voice in the collective and it is a pleasure to have you as one of us. You contribute a unique perspective to Fluther.

Mazel Tov on the 20k!.

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Congrats! Love your level-headed answers and voice of reason! Great achievement, that 20K!

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Congratulations RoboCop! I saw you were close to 20k last night, and knew it’d happen overnight :)
Way to go – I always appreciate your input!

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Congratulations to you, @john65pennigton, for reaching this milestone.

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Congratulations copper John!
You’re one of my favorite jelly friends!
We always get good advice from you!

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No really, officer, it’s just my own special blend of smoking tobacco hand rolled for your party. Here, have a toke er, puff.

Congratulations, John Pennington!

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Congratulations and o/\o high five.
Finally some law and order in the Mansion:D
Psst!, I dindn’t do it!

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but where is he? does he know this thread has been created for him? lol!


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Congrats! Does this mean we can have a “get out of jail free” card?

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Congratulations on 20k. Getting your perspective on questions is enormously helpful.

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Congrats my friend!! Thanks for your interesting insight into life.

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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Love your questions, John. Congrats !!

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Congratu-stick-em-up-lations @john65pennington!!!

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Where the hell is Pennington??????

@hawaii_jake “Ho’omaikai” Is that some kind of super pot?

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Good for you John. You’re way ahead of me. Congrats on 20K.

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Dangit, I’m always late to these parties!

Forget I mentioned the word “party”. Hide the pot. And the hookers. Has anyone seen a little baggie of… nevermind.

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Is John Awol?

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Somebody call 10–57!

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I’ve seen him answering other questions, perhaps he hasn’t noticed yet? Has anyone sent him the question?

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haha funniest question I ever saw for an entry in the mansion, well done @Shiva

CONGRATS @john65pennington !!!
Well done

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Perhaps he is shy about all the nice comments?

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Ooh I hate being late! What’s that you say, he’s not even here yet? Phew!!! In which case I’ll just squeeze in at the back ready to shout “SURPRISE!!” when he gets here!

Congrats Sir! :-)

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I sent him a PM congratulating him, with a link to the Q. Shy?

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@augustlan I sent him a link too. I think you guys are right about the shyness.

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Congratulations, sir : )

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I go away for the weekend and look what happens! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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I saw this border collie police bust today and thought of you. I’m hoping you aren’t missing the party due to Michael’s recent illness :(

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That video made my day. Thanks.

They were so adorable (and well-trained).


SpatzieLover's avatar

@Buttonstc I couldn’t believe they just sat there..that was until they howled to “talk” ;D

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Wee-oooo wee-oooo wee-oooo
[the best I could do for a siren]

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Oh, wow, this is so yotta, zetta, exa, peta, tera, giga, mega cool ! !! !!! !!!! !!!!! !!!!!! !!!!!!!

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So…aaahh, where’s the man of honor?

keeping ‘dem mean streets clean, no doubt.

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I sent him this question.

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I wonder if everything is okay? I saw him answering questions the other day, has he been about the last couple of days? I hope he is alright.

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I’m guessing that he is way too humble to walk into the middle of this love fest for him. That’s why we like him so much.

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Maybe he is not looking for lurve the easy way and prefers to earn it for his thoughtful answers to provocative questions.

Or maybe he just doesn’t feel like showing up!

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@rooeytoo not sure what you mean by that and I certainly don’t care if I get “lurve” for saying this or not and it may be he is just too humble to say anything here, but if anyone knows him well perhaps they could quietly check if he is okay.

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@Mz_Lizzy he’s fine. He’s being stealth. He’s answered questions today…just hasn’t checked in here

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Thank you @SpatzieLover. Long as he is fine and dandy, that’s all that matters. We can all just have a party for him! Did anyone bring cake and who has the beer?

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@Mz_Lizzy I can make a cake if you’d like one. I’m out of beer, but I do have rum. I always have rum. =0) I think we still have a little Gentleman Jack too…

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Actually I just walked down the hall and saw him in the Fluther lounge. He said he’s waiting for all of us to go over there so they can start to crank up the karaoke machine. Come on, everybody! I’ve got a big bag of Funyuns and a case of wine coolers.

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Maybe he will show up at @tranquilsea ‘s party.
maybe he is staking it out

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Excellent @WillWorkForChocolate. I can bring wine too and I have the makings for long island iced teas.

Perhaps he is undercover @filmfann.

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Everybody shout! “WE WANT JOHN! WE WANT JOHN!

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As always the hero, John just put out a huge fire in the Mansion’s kitchen. Well actually it was supposed to be his surprise dessert, a flaming baked Alaska, but we accidentally set off the smoke detector and he dropped his bag of Funyuns and ran down there, grabbed a fire extinguisher, and well, extinguished his dessert. You can probably scrape some off the walls, though.

I just sent him back up to the karaoke lounge and we set him up with Loving You

Dutchess_III's avatar

ROFL!!!! Well, we sneaked some flammable stuff into his dessert to get even with him for not showing up at his own party!

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