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Newscaster, broadcasters, morning radio jocks, veejays - do you have a favourite?

Asked by seazen_ (4801points) March 12th, 2011

If you miss their b-casts – do you actually miss them? Do you feel like they are a friend, or family?

Why did you connect to that person?

Cronkite, Rather, Mahr et al… from Limbaugh to Fox news babes… who’s your fave and why?

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I watch the ABC Breakfast 24 channel every morning before work and I really love the journos on that program. It is a REAL news program rather than the crap, shit bull that is on the commercial stations. When I go away and stay in a hotel, I can’t watch it because it is on a digital channel and most hotels don’t have them. It is the people (I don’t view them as family or friends), but more it’s the content, the presentation style, the seriousness without having a damn celebrity goose talking about Lindsay Lohan etc. I like my news straight up. I also like to watch Virginia Trioli take on pollies who avoid answering questions.

What about you @seazen_

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Steffen Lukas

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I always listened to Howard Stern until he went to Sirius. Not all that interested in paying for radio.

On cable news, one of the main reasons why I watch FNC is because the chicks they have on the network are hot. Gretchen Carlson, Andrea Tantaros, S.E. Cupp…the list goes on.

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I think David Muir is very, very, very hot. That’s it, though. If I miss his newscasts, no skin off my nose. I don’t really watch the news, and I only know who he is because I saw him on ABC News Saturday at a sports bar after watching the World Cup last year.

One of my friends went to uni with him, but doesn’t know him well enough to secure me an introduction, dammit!

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I like Cenk Uygur, largely because he is able to articulate what I think better than I can.

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Not sure the difference between newscasters and broadcasters, but I like talk radio. I like local guys who talk anything from the latest Obama administration policy proposal to how the local sports teams are doing to is it proper to put ketchup on a hot dog. I like it not only for the information and fun, but because it’s not repetitive like music shows. Oh, I do listen to music programs, surely. But you could only listen to Lady Antebellum doing their best Alan Parsons impersonation so many times until you just have to know, if the doorknob’s on the left side and you’re right handed, which hand do you use to make entry? That, and interviews with the Congressman from the 6th district of the state 2 states to the west of yours. It’s all good.

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Dan Rather tried to inject poetry into the news. Yeah, he had some strike-outs, but that isn’t unusual when you are swing for the fences.

Tom Snyder was fun to watch. Obviously an intellectual, but also quite daring.

On the radio, Dave Morey from KFOG had the warmest voice. He retired and moved to Michigan. He is missed.

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Larry and Willy who were at CFOX in Vancouver until the made the switch to JackFM. I moved away and I’ve missed them.

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I wake up to Steve Inskeep on Morning Edition every morning. I enjoy his tone and his questioning immensely.

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Shepard Smith.

I do miss hearing Matt Pinfield every morning.

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Howard Stern, by far. He is the most intellectual, subversive, observant guy in the media.

And I’m definitely talking about his radio show, not his stupid stripper-heavy TV show.

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