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What do kitty loving jellies think of cats having opposable thumbs?

Asked by bunnygrl (7147points) March 13th, 2011

see here please:

I personally LOVE the idea (and for doggies too of course) just wondered what you all thought honeys, and also an excuse to share this wonderful ad with as many furbaby mums as possible :-)

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That’s such a cute video! My sister had a polydactyl cat – she had 5 extra toes altogether. (I can’t find a picture of her, unfortunately!) When we gave her treats, she’d grab your hand with all her fingers – it was super cute.

Personally, though, I’d be afraid if cats grew thumbs – mine get into enough trouble as it is!

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XD That would be scary with my two! They already pick things up with their paws,open cupboards and doors,and play with door knobs.

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I’m no kitty lover, but seeing as though it’s you i’ll answer on behalf of my dawg. If she had this ability i’m sure we would pop round the pub & maybe shoot some pool. Or perhaps a game of darts would be nice. Hell, even an arm wrestle or two sounds good fun to me. One man & his dog, minus the sheep, they’ll be baa-rred :¬)

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@Seelix LOL that is so cute!! I’ll bet she was adorable!! I’ve been keeping my furbaby Jade smiley by picking up her toys with my toes while I’m sitting on the sofa with my laptop recently, she just seems so intrigued by her mummy’s feet doing this that I feel sure she’ll copy me someday. Yesterday she brought her little duck stuffie over and instead of putting it in my lap or next to me as she usually would, she put it down next to my foot and then lay down next to it and stared. When I didn’t move (hadn’t noticed her at first, too intent on what I was reading) she poked my foot with her nose and waited :-) Just too cute for words and hubby says we’ll come home from work some day to find her sitting on the sofa having made herself a cuppa and be flipping channels using the remote with her newly discovered thumb lol

@lucillelucillelucille LOL I wonder what they get up to when you’re not there watching them?

@ucme OMG dogs playing snooker/pool or darts? how brilliant is that?? I’d love to say I could see Jade all delicate and working on embroidery, but I think she’d be outside with her daddy playing footie or shooting hoops with him in the backyard :-) no matter how many little pink jackets I put her in she’s a bit of a tomboy lol

Has everyone seen this adorable little angel?

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Frightening thought. I had a cat that could open doors without opposable thumbs. She also was capable of reasoning.

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@marinelife I believe they are all capable of reasoning honey, and dogs too actually. Many people have owned dogs and cats but far, far fewer actually take the time to know them.

Years ago, a friend had a beautiful tabby whose favourite resting place was on the top edge of the sitting room door and he would greet visitors by leaping down onto their shoulder. Bit of a shock if you weren’t expecting it but he seemed to enjoy the startled squeeks and expressions :-)
huggles xx

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I love that ad. I’ve seen it online a few times already, and actually saw it on TV a few days ago.

It reminds me of something Neil Gaiman wrote many years ago, about how cats are secretly plotting to take over the world. Dream of a Thousand Cats

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My local feed store has a resident shop cat, a huge, fluffy, all black polydactyl kitty named Coal.

He is so cool, always lounging around on the cat furniture and ‘helping’ you choose your cat products. The other day he was lounging on a cat tower across from a big cage of baby chicks, just watching. lol

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@downtide many thanks for that link, I hadn’t heard about this story, must have a look to see if I can find a copy <hugs>

@Coloma lol!! Coal sounds amazing!

hugs honeys xx

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Every cat my wife and I have had hated us because we keep flaunting the fact that we have thumbs and they don’t. Accordingly, I am frightened about payback.

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@jerv LOL!! furbabies do not hate their mums and dads!! not to say that if you really did make fun they don’t remember lol lol :-)
<hugs> xx

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@bunnygrl One tried to break my nose, and some have tried to smother me in my sleep. Our current tuna-breathed friend only tolerates me because I bribe her with enough salmon noms to make my wife accuse me of spoiling her.

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@jerv hmmm thats a little alarming….. maybe it’s just that they love you so much they get a little enthusiastic? as you can see I prefer to look on the bright side when it comes to furbabies :-)

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Who is the guy who does the voice over for that commercial?

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That was so cute! One of the cats I used to take care of (R.I.P. Gray Cat) was a maine coone with big giant feet and extra toes! The one I take care of now, a tiny tabby, you cannot leave cereal with milk or a slice of pizza with cheese sitting on the table unattended or she will come over and start licking it. So cute!

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We would have to lock up our can opener and keep the key to ourselves.

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@MyNewtBoobs According to this article from the Mirror it’s Tim Curry (of Rocky Horror fame). I just love it, it’s my favourite ad right now :-)

@Kardamom our furbaby Jade LOVES pizza and, like you said, she loves to lick the cheese off, it’s way cute :-)

@mattbrowne LOL I’m having mental images of fur babies using the telephone to call their friends arranging parties while we’re all out at work :-)

Thank you for all of your replies honeys <hugs> xx

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