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How do I stop stains from seeping through paint primer?

Asked by sharpstick (532points) March 13th, 2011

I am painting primer on plywood sheets and there are stains that are coming through the primer as it dries, even through a second coat. Is there a way to stop these stains before I put on a final coat of paint?

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Not sure, but I think Kilz (yes, that’s the product name) might work.

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I second @JilltheTooth. Kilz locks up stains wonderfully.

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If it’s ink, sand it out first.

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You might want to try an oil based primer.

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You have to use the oil-based Kilz. That’ll do it for ya.

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@JilltheTooth @Dog It has to be the oil-based Kilz (which is the original) (Kilz makes a water-based too). Water-based primers are much more popular and for the most part a waste of time and money.

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