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Does leona lewis lip sing?

Asked by loraina4lyf (52points) April 17th, 2008
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It is actually lip sync.

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A lot of singers were caught in the past lip syncing, so there is a possibility.

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I suspect that quite a few do, particularly those who have any kind of dance routines incorporated into their shows. If you want to dance, your singing will suffer. If you want to sing, your dancing will suffer.

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Maybe, she’s been reported as having a lot of tonsilitis is recent months. But if she does it’s not because she can’t sing. She won a reality show, singing live each week, so I doubt it would be her choice if she was.

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i ment lip sync!!!!

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@loraina4: How to say this tactfully…it’s *meant.

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i noe!!!!!!
i used it dat way on purpose!!!!

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