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Are you a risk-taker?

Asked by robdamel (786points) March 13th, 2011

Two types of risk-taking- social and business wise. Socially being, you see an attractive person and you approach that person to get to know him/her. Business wise, you absolutely hate working for other people and decided its time you open your own business.

Which one are you more? Shoot some examples.

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I am a risk-taker only if I am fairly certain that I’d be rewarded in the end. I am more of a risk-taker socially than in business. For example, if I were single and saw a nice girl I’d like to hook up with, I would not hesitate to take action to approach her. That’s how I met my wife. Lol.

Business-wise, I am more cautious. In business, I usually study a venture very carefully before I gamble on it. But if I see a golden opportunity, I’d immediately seize it, the same way I’d do with a nice girl! ;)

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Both….big time risk taker here. I will wear whites in the winter and black in the summer and I am not afraid to call in sick just to blow off a day of work. I am armed with a Kazoo and not afraid to use it. ;)

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Not especially. I look at the odds of things and weigh them against what advantages I think I personally have to add.

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I don’t think I am. I prefer what I know. However, I have taken risks in the past.

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A gambler. Will wager most anything. Will give 5 to 1 the NFL starts on time not missing a game, pre-season included.

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Less the former, more the latter.

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I take calculated risks. I have started my own business several times.

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@marinelife cool man, tell me about your businesses

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@robdamel One was a management consulting/marketing business. Another was a business to help Web start-ups obtain financing.

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@marinelife Yeah, that’s probably the greatest risk I’ve taken in my life, owing my own business. Hung in there for four years, but when it went down it was in flames. STILL paying for it in many ways now, four years later.

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Nah, more of a piss taker if truth be told ;¬}

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@Dutchess_III Damn Dutchess, that sucks. BUT, consider that you tried and hung in there, and there are a thousand quotes to tell you on how failure is essential for success. Nice try, and you are better than the people who never tried. Cheers

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Deffo, I think ( this is just according to me) that if I didn’t take risks life would become very boring…
I take risks, maybe not life changing ones, but risks all the same..
Like climbing a tree knowing I may fall and break something, going upto a big burly guy at school telling him to shove off ( when he’s doing something nasty) knowing I might get a black eye, Betting I’ll survive riding up that ramp on my bike, knowing I probably won’t and end up losing some sweet money…
Taking risks is ) exciting, it keeps me motivated in life and often, when taking risks I feel like I’m challenging myself to something.It is what drives me.
And as my dear friend @Cruiser says: ” I am armed with a Kazoo and not afraid to use it”….. ; )

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@robdamel Thanks~ I did learn that I CAN run a business. I can field a quarter of a million dollars a year and not let it go to my head!

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This reminds me of the story of the eagle and the prairie chicken.

One day an egg rolled out of an eagle’s nest on a mountain top. The egg rolled all of the way down the mountain to the valley floor and came to rest in a prairie chicken’s nest. When the eagle egg hatched, he thought that he was a prairie chicken and began acting like one. He scratched for worms and seeds in the dirt and all was well until one day an eagle flew over head. The young eagle looked up in the sky and said to the other prairie chickens “Look up there! Wouldn’t it be great to fly so high?” The other prairie chicken said “Don’t look up there. Forget about ever being like that”.

The moral is that we put limits on ourselves and also let others do the same. Of course the eagle could simply take off and start soaring if he wanted to.

I’m definitely a prairie chicken. I don’t like to take risks. I like my feet on the ground where it is safe. I like a low profile as there is less chance of getting shot down. I may not get rich but at least I rest easy at nigh with a belly full of worms.

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No risk taker I.
I have worked 33 years for the phone company, and have no plans to open my own business on retirement.

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More socially than business-wise. I met my husband hitchhiking.

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I’m something of a social risk-taker but I am risk-averse when it comes to business.

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No I’m not much of a risk taker.
I’m only a little bit of a risk taker.

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I am risk taker in both areas.Should I be locked up? XD

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Financially, not a risk-taker at all. Money is too important to gamle with and I don’t want to end up homeless.

Socially, much more so, particularly in terms of striking up conversations wioth people, even strangers.

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I was born really cautious, probably overly cautious. I’m more of a risk taker now than I ever have been in my life. I tend to take more risks business-wise than in my personal life.

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I have no interest in business matters. I do have interests in people and I am quite a risk taker on that end. Nothing stands between me and people I want.

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Well, to finally answer my own question, I am not much of a risk taker socially, though i have taken many ‘oh what the hell’ jumps and simply thrown myself out there to meet the person. As for business, a full all-out risk taker. My money is meant to be invested- sooner or later, with a bit of brains, something will work out. If it takes 20 years, then at least i`ll still retire earlier than most :)

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Employed people have to decide about taking calculated risks as well. Raises and promotions depend on them. So my answer is: yes.

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Yes, I am. I am more of a business risk taker. I sometimes amuse myself with all the risks I have taken so far. Life’s just like that. Thinking about it, maybe i should hold my horses a bit.

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