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Can you suggest a DVD ripper for Mac that generates a full replica, with menus and all?

Asked by rexpresso (920points) March 13th, 2011

This is for a friend, he told me he has HandBrake but that it can’t properly sync the subtitles…

What alternatives do you suggest?


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Have you tried MactheRipper?

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Thanks. I’m personally not a user of this kind of SW but I looked it up and since recommended it to my friend and also

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Just use disc utilities under applications/utilities.

Create a new disc image of your DVD then burn that image to a new DVD.

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@Silence04 the last time I had a mac disc utilities couldn’t copy, ie rip, commercial DVDs (I dunno it may have changed)

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@Lightlyseared Can you use DVDShrink on Macs?

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I think there’s a mac version but I’ve never used it so no idea if its any good (or even works etc).

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Ripit is really good and well worth the 20$ bucks in my opinion.

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