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Are Fluther stats available?

Asked by wildflower (11152points) April 17th, 2008 from iPhone

I’d be very interested in seeing how traffic flows around here. What time of day do most Q’s get posted? What time of day are most answers posted? How many users from various countries/regions? And so on. I would have sent this via the feedback, but I’m curious to know what the rest of you would like to see stats on here on Fluther.

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become a modder.

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You can get some panel-based stats from Quantcast and from Compete. This isn’t the same as Fluther opening up their Google Analytics data, but it’s something.

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I don’t think it answers any of your specific questions, but nonetheless, Paul Coyle’s Fluther User Statistics Browser is frickin’ kewl.

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That rocks! and fab design!.......oh, and I spend WAY too much time on here

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