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What's the best way to send a ring through the mail?

Asked by amandaafoote (860points) April 17th, 2008

I’m sending my ex-boyfriend his class ring back, right now I have it in a large yellow envelope with nothing else, and you can hear/feel it’s a ring. Is it safe to be sending it like that, or should I wrap it in something to be sure it will actually get to him? Any other ideas of safe ways to send it?

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Wrap in several layers of newspaper or tissue paper and put into small cardboard box that will not give the contents away. Then insure it and keep the receipt . That way, if it is lost, PO can track it.

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padded envelope should be efficient enough

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@gailcalled-do you have any idea how much it would cost to do all of this? I’m not sure of post office prices and I wanna know how much I’ll need

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Minimum insurance is $50 value. Certainly rates have gone up there days but I can’t be specific. The other way to do it is certified, I think, where the recipient has to sign for it. Or maybe it is registered. Can’t remember. Google the two words. Or just bring a $10 bill with you. You should get some change.

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it will cost you less than $5 trust me i mail things almost daily, why would she get insurance? its not exactly something that can be replaced.

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She asked about a safe way to mail it. And do you mean that it is not exactly something that can not be replaced?

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Insured Mail
Provides coverage against loss or damage up to $5,000.
Fee based on value of item. Starts at $1.65
For items insured for more than $200, Return Receipt can be added to confirm delivery. $2.15 extra or $0.85

no gail i mean its not exactly something that could be replaced if they lost the package

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Aha, I see what you meant. Sorry for the confusion. Can’t one reorder a class ring from the manufacturers if too much time has not gone by?

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I think there’s a lifetime warranty on them?

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Cut it and pound it flat with a hammer. It will fit in the envelope that way. This will also eliminate the necessity of writing a note.

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but in the back of my mind i would know its not the original and then i would probably blame my ex for having it in the first place even though it was probably my fault that the ex had it

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