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What lotion should I use for an arid environment?

Asked by Zone36 (416points) March 13th, 2011

I am going to be working in a very arid environment. It won’t necessarily be hot, but maybe on occasion I might break a sweat. Naturally my skin tends to be dry and I apply lotion after my shower every day. I’m worried that my simple lotion is not going to cut it in this environment. As it is right now my skin gets itchy in the dry spots and I scratch till it bleeds.

I think that I’d need something that is not just a cream I use to help keep my skin healthy, but it has to be something that actually protects it throughout the day. Something that is almost like a seal on the skin.

What lotion can any of you recommend that would help keep my skin protected?

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Eucerin is very good. There is a lotion or a cream. The cream is very heavy, I prefer the lotion. It doesn’t smell pretty if that matters to you?

Do you also get dry eyes? Is your hair brittle or falling out a lot?

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I don’t have any other problems like that.

What do you mean it doesn’t smell good?

Is it like medicine or just bad?

If it really is bad, I’d prefer something that had light to no smell or an okay smell.

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Vermonts Bag Balm is really great for dry skin (feet, knuckles) but it’s a little thick for all over use.

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I second eucerine I live in Colorado, and it gets really dry.

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I think by “doesn’t smell pretty,” @JLeslie means that it doesn’t have a perfume scent like many other lotions do. It is just plain unscented lotion.
I would suggest something with oatmeal if you have itchy, dry skin.

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Silicone Glove Hand Cream is supposed to sort of ‘seal’ the skin.

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Aveeno is also very good..

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I rub down while wet after a shower with a homemade bath oil that is a blend of mineral oil and almond oil. To smell pretty you can add in a drop or 2 of an essential oil….I use sandal wood, I might suggest Tea Tree oil to help with the dry itch blotches. Then use a body lotion as needed throughout the day. I don’t need that extra lotion though if I use my oil rub down.

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I’ve used Silicone Glove, and while it really works well to moisturize, I find that it leaves a bit of a greasy feel. The best stuff I’ve come across for dry skin is Curel – they have a bunch of different varieties.

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People above are correct, I just mean Eucerin doesn’t have perfumes in it. It is recommended by a lot of dermatologists. Curel mentioned above is similarly recommended, although I have not tried that one. Both you can use your own daily perfume if you want to smell pretty. The more moisturized you are the longer your perfume will last throughout the day. Perfume has more oils than eau de toillette, which is part of the reason it lasts longer. About Aveeno, I think that one is more gimicky, the whole oatmeal thing, than science, but it might be enough hydration for you. Nothing wrong with Aveeno, just putting in my two cents.

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This is my new miracle body oil.
Homehealth Almond Glow Skin Lotion

With Peanut Oil, Olive Oil, Lanolin Oil, and Vitamin E

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Aveeno is great. Badger balm helps if you’re really dried out and need to repair…makes your hands kinda shiny though. My face gets really dry here, I live in Colorado as well, and I’ve found that the Ponds lotion with the light blue cap is really great….I only have to put it on once, where as a lot of other face lotions I would have to put it on 2 or 3 times to get the same moisturiiiization? My boyfriend has also found the Ponds works best for him and he’s super dry as well.

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