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What is the best feeling you have experienced emotionally?

Asked by robdamel (791points) March 13th, 2011

What is the best feeling that you have ever experienced, and what triggered it? To me, its when I succeed with my goals. Its when I dream, and little by little I am closer to making it a reality. And most of all, when you do it on your own, by yourself. You are out against the world, and no matter what life throws at you, you manage to hang in there, and still throw your heart over the hurdle. Damn its a good feeling, when its you against the world, and you are winning.

Henry Ford said, “consider the airplane- when it takes off, it goes against the wind, not with it.”

shoot your ideas.

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The birth of my daughter. It is nearly impossible to express that experience in words.
I can see that day like is was yesterday in my minds eye.
The early morning wake knowing it would be the day. Being there through it all. The moment I saw her and heard her cry. Holding her as a proud happy father.
Simply a joyous feeling. Thinking about that day again is a wonderful high even now.
I had to go give her a hug sleeping now just because.
I thank you for the question and helping the recall.
I will now go sleep like a baby with this filling my mind.

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The births of my children, but I want to write about something that happened today. I like to act. I’m a theater fiend. I’m very passionate about it, and I performed in a play today. The great thing about it was that I completely lost myself in the part. I wasn’t thinking about the lines. I wasn’t thinking about where I was supposed to move next. I was in the moment living the role. It was stupendous. It was magical.

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The births of my children, for sure. Also, that moment when you realize you’re falling in love. Fantastic!

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The birth of my kids for sure especially the first one. Mind blowing emotional roller coaster that was…..WOW!

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Flying to another city, country and continent to be with the woman I loved and walking through the public gardens there together. Magical and unforgettable!

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The glorious event that was the birth of my wonderful kids. Nothing comes close, well other than that time when I caught a glimpse of my French teacher’s bouncy cleavage.Compelling viewing to a randy 13yr old pervert XD

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Which I have experienced several times.

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My reconciliation with God.

[ hard to explain or even try making someone else understand it ]

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Whatever it’s called when you got to spend all weekend alone. No calls, no visitors, no one around. Just you, with yourself, alone. Pure bliss, I think.

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Besides the obvious highs that I felt on my wedding day and the birth of my children, the delight I feel when I have successfully taught a class and truly connected with my students. I love bringing “aha!” moments to others..

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Awesome answers, I definitely can see a glimpse of the feelings you guys described. @janbb Thats a good one too- I have thought about that before- I like to teach a lot, and to be a teacher (i`m not one) and have the pleasure to see your students learn with you and grow up to be a successful man because of you, that must be awesome.

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Falling in love for the first time. Feels good to say I love you to the person you love.

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In thinking about it, it seems to be about bringing someone else joy. Examples:
* When a person who asked for advice comes back later and says ‘thank-you…it worked.’
* Giving a gift that the receiver adores because you know them so well.
* Doing or saying something that makes my SO laugh heartily.

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Being in love. (cheeseball answer, but, true).

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Seeing my daughter’s face at the moment of her birth.

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Having a best friend who shares everything with you.

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Elation when my divorce came through, I’ve never experienced anything so emotionally charged as when I opened that letter the decree absolute…. :-/ FREEDOM at last……..

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Dear 12Oaks after a while of spending to much time alone it gets really good and it’s not a feeling you’ll be considering it something NORMAL. I know it because i live alone and indeed it’s way nicer than having someone to bother you :P

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The moment when I realized life is short and with that next breath feel how awesome that single often overlooked act was…

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1. When my husband proposed to me- it was very romantic
2. Both times I found out that I was going to bear my husband a child.
3. When my second daughter was born. (My first delivery was too traumatic to give a sense of euphoria. Long story.)

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