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Is relying on counseling a sign if weakness?

Asked by Brew805 (150points) April 17th, 2008 from iPhone

If someone really believes that the only way to solve their problems is by seeing a counselor instead of trying to fix them and figure them out on your own?

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To some people it may be, then you get the whole “they’re strong because they can admit they have a problem & need someone to help them” so it really depends on the persons point of view…

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Admitting you need help and asking for it is a sign of self-awareness and strength.

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Its absolutely not a sign of weakness.
Its more weak (and showing need of counseling) to think its weak to get counseling. (How many times more can I use those words?)

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I’m really envious of people whose lives have been so easy that they’ve never needed to rely on a counselor for help. Must be nice.

For the rest of us, though: getting treatment for an illness is never weak.

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thanks for all the answers! I was looking for different points of view and I’m glad you guys responded. I guess the question was a little too broad when it came to the degree of counseling… Such as life trauma or smaller issues. Sorry about that

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@nikipedia- Their lives possibly aren’t so easy they don’t need a counselor, they might just rely on themselves more and get through it on their own or with their family/friends serving as what your counselor is to you

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@amanda- that’s what the other side of my question was, thank you for bringing that up

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Repeating myself, if you had a broken limb, you’d have it set; if you had diabetes, you’d take an insulin shot. If you are feeling depressed, what is wrong with seeking some help.

And therapists do serve a different role than family, partners, and close friends. Therapists are trained to help you solve your problems or make your peace w. life traumas.

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My point is that if you think other people are just being weak, you should try walking a few miles in their shoes. You have no idea what they’ve been through or what’s going on physically inside their brains.

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I look at it this way, why not get an expert? Sure, I could try to rewire my house by myself, but wouldn’t it be better to have an electrician do it? Same with counseling! I could try to fix myself but why not enlist the the aid of someone who knows how to do it better than I do? Plus, there’s the time element. It could take me a year to rewire my house or several years to fix myself, but with the help of a knowledgable expert, I could have electricity in a day or two and be enjoying a better life in a lot less time. Counseling isn’t a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of knowing what tools you need to get the job done right and doing it!

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I was going to write an answer but you hit the nail on the head.

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asking for help is a sign of humbleness———

Proverbs 11:2 Pride leads to disgrace,
but with humility comes wisdom.
I Peter 5:6 Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time:

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Is relying on counseling a sign if weakness?

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@boots74 lose the bible quotes and just answer the dang question!

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@loser: if you read boots74’s answer with a little care, you’ll see perfect relevance. Don’t
go off on boots as soon as you see Bible quotations.

@brew: why is it strong to be ignorant? I am smiling. I think you have this figured out.

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