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What puts your city on the map?

Asked by shockvalue (5800points) April 17th, 2008

Landmarks? Defining features? Best chili in the west? Every town or city has something, what’s yours?

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We have a WaWa<33 ;D

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The Giglio Boys. Oh, that and in the 19th century, one section of the borough was known simply as “Brewers’ Row”—a 12-block stretch that was home to 58 breweries, in what is now parts of Bushwick and Williamsburg. Many of the breakthroughs in brewing taken for granted today were conjured up right there.

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For my current town of residence:
Proximity to the Blarney Stone and Michael Collins.

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I mean…. huge university and incredible amounts of native American cultural remains.

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We have more mobsters than anywhere else in America :)

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I live in one of the most livable cities in the world! Oh yeah, it’s beautiful here too.

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Well, strip clubs and show girls! Really…And not some chessy, gross Las Vegas strip club experiance. Portland has the best skateparks, strip clubs and organic produce this side of the river.

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@judo- I read about a vegan strip club, is this a reality?

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Troy, NY…home of Uncle Sam

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Important addendum: my glorious city is also home to the world’s largest western boot. Tears of pride are welling up.

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Laramie, WY. Unfortunately: Matthew Shepard and Dick Cheney (see where he went to college). Not the greatest things int the whole world.

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Yes sire it is real and it is kind of lame. The lap dances there are expensive and the music kind of sucks. In a city where you have so many choices for a show, the vegan club really is low on the list. The best clubs are;
Mary’s Club
Union Jack’s
Devils Point
Magic Gardens

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[PW is cutting and pasting]

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We have one of the two smallest walmarts in the U.S.

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The city that never sleeps has it all and in great amounts.

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To my utter surprise, it turns out that this city is not only the capital of Texas, but is also, oddly enough, where W. has his ranch.

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I thought Austin was the state capital of Texas?

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we have the music hall of fame and some great downtown bars. But I hate Cleveland we have great ghetto too those bastards need to be blown up

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@wildflower…maybe W. has a bill getting passed ‘under the table’ that makes Austin no longer exist as Capital…or perhaps Austin was deemed a ‘terrorist’ . lol j/k of course

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yea yea…..I caught on….just having a blond moment is all…..

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@amandaafoote haha Wawa

My town truly doesnt have one thing.. We do have 3 Wawa’s though :p

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The Avett Brothers are from my town and also the Home of East Carolina University, winners of the Hawaii Bowl against Boise State, Go Pirates!!! Im also proud to say our RB Chris Johnson was picked first round draft this year to Tennessee and he ran a 4.24 40 yard dash in the NFL Combines.

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edit: I am very sad to say though we do NOT have a WaWa’s.

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going backwards:
The city I am now in was the home of the guy that cracked the Enigma Code
I moved here from a city divided for many years by a famous Wall. The wall also divided the world.
The one before was the home of Hippocrates, Father of Medicine
Before that I was in the city of Solon and Socrates (and all those other guys)
I’d gone there after a short spell in a city with a mermaid statue and several years in a city that was not really famous for anything else except being completely bombed in WWII
Before that I was in a city of 7 bridges, all gorgeous.
And before that in another bombed city, which actually gave its name to a synonym for “entirely devastated”
And the one I grew up in is famous for double-decker buses, black taxis and soldiers with funny hats.

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I live in Oxford, so the University puts it on the map – oh and the boat race!

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