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What did you get caught doing?

Asked by wundayatta (58525points) March 14th, 2011

Whatever—stealing something, sneaking a kiss, telling a lie.

What were you trying to get away with? How did you get caught?

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I got caught smoking behind the Band Hall in 10th grade.

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My dad caught me smoking a butt when I was in the 5th grade.
He said to me “you wanna smoke?” and went to the house and then handed me a green cigar to take a puff off!
I got soooo green myself.
Never smoked a single day since then.

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When we were around 13 or 14, a friend and I got caught shoplifting some golfballs at Mongomery Ward. The store manager let us go but warned us that a policeman would be visiting our parents over the next few days. He was just trying to scare us… and it worked.

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I claimed to feel sick in order not to go to a funeral service of one of my stepdad’s relatives. Instead I called my bf over to the house and we made out and watched tv for awhile until my folks came home early- oops. Bf got shoved into my closet and had to stay in there until my parents settled down for the night and turned on their own TV.

Bf’s shoes were sitting in plain sight on my floor so my mom saw them and knew what was up but she pretended not to know, made us sweat it out til around 1am before I could walk him out of our house. The next day my mom called me out on it, shamed the hell out of me and made me feel ridiculous for even thinking I could skate something past her.

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My boyfriend dry humping me (lying along side of me on the sofa). By my Dad. For real.

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My mother found an entire drawful of cigarette butts when I was in jr high. I was in bed and she just walked over and opened the drawer. this stuff is too painful to keep posting. lol
I kept smoking anyway.

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Masturbating, bragging about an affair, smoking, having tattoos.

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Pawning off counterfeit $100.00 I found. US Marshall’s found their way to my front door 2 years after the fact. That was NOT FUN!

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Having sex in the car in the parking garage of the Prudential in Boston.
We were asked politely to leave by security.

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Masturbating as a child

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Playing cricket….owzat!! Not my game at all.

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Humming “rule britania” in class. (In an irish school)...

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I was caught shoplifting when I was 15. I was banned from the mall for a year.

I was caught smoking in my parents’ basement when I was 16. I was grounded for a long time.

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Reading under the blanket.

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I got busted with my friend shoplifting cosmetics in a drug store. The security officer was all like, so where’d you girls get those? I stupidly reply, we had em on us when we came in here! Then I started bawling lol. So we were brought in the back room, and we had to sit there for like two hours until the police came. At one point, the security guard came back with a big bag of MacDick’s and he’s like, you girls hungry? Thinking he was going to give us some we’re all like, yeah! Then he goes; too bad. And he just ate the whole fucking thing in our faces. Damn prick lol. I had to do community service. Never stole again haha.

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YARNLADY Hey that’s me too! pretty innocent really, but I forgot about that one. My Mom always used to say, “don’t make me send your father in there!” guess who was the real boss in my family?

I got caught taking more paper after my second grade teacher (a gestapo type nun) said no more! to the whole class. Crazy as it sounds, I got spanked for it!

And in 10th grade or so, I got caught with “Lady Chatterly’s Lover” stashed under my bed pillow. My Mom left me a little note that said “why do you waste your time reading this trash!”

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Got caught with my bf at the house where I was babysitting. People should come home when they say they will.

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When I was five I brought some hot pink nail polish to kindergarten. Somehow my mom suspected it and asked to check my bag. I somehow convinced her not to. Then I gave everyone manicures during recess. When every girl came home hot pink, my mom got some phone calls. She accused me of lying when I said it wasn’t in in my bag. Psh, Mom, I told her I had been “joking!”

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Both my parents taught at my high school, so I couldn’t get away with anything. I didn’t do anything bad then anyway, but one night in high school over dinner, my dad said, “I hear you were working on a crossword during Physics today.” D’oh!

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