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what is the deal with the gender of bikes?

Asked by star*dar (54points) May 16th, 2007
why are there different bikes for men and women? is there an actual reason for the slanty vs. straight bars?
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Slanty bars let you ride the bike while wearing a skirt. Crazy, I know, but I've seen businesswomen on their way to work in SF with mid-length skirts on women's bikes.
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The "regular" triangle frames are a bit stronger, so work better if you don't wear skirts/kilts while riding.
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never understood why "boys" bikes had the horizontal bar, because, for a male, it is PAINFUL if you slide off seat forward or your feet leave pedels. Back in the olden days I would "borrow" by sisters bike to do jumps in the vacant lot---safer.
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It depends on the color of the bike.

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