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Is there sin in heaven?

Asked by Cruiser (40421points) March 15th, 2011

I was raised to fear God and repent for my sins in order to maintain status on the VIP list of people to get into heaven. As a mere mortal, I have been known to bend the rules God set forth and I started to thinking….OK, what if God accepts me as I am and the life I have lived….of course I will have a lot of explaining to do…but what if I do get into Heaven, what will that really be like?

Will I now have to play by Gods rules for eternity? One slip up and down the hatch? Would living a perfectly sinless life for eternity really be heaven? Would God’s loving embrace till the end of time be enough to keep me from going insane? Will there be beer in heaven?

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There better be!

Although when I think of the Islamic promise of some 86 (or whatever it is) virgins, it seems to me that there is sin… and a lot of it!

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I’m sure there is, god seems like the type of guy that would reneg on a deal lol. He needs more reasons to send people to hell; it probably gets full in heaven.

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Haha. Well, heres a short answer through christianity- No, there isn`t sin.

You will play by God`s rules. Heaven should be amazing, you won`t be complaining about living sinless.

You`ll have freewill, but you won`t need a reason to sin. On Earth, we have sexual desires, bad people that enrage us, we have money which brings greed, etc. We are humans, so sinning is inevitable.

The Bible says we will be given a new body, a spiritual body, unlike ours here on Earth.

Ps. Don`t worry about these thoughts, I`ve thought about it before also. Just remember there you won`t be human, so whats fun here won`t be fun there. Again, you`ll have freewill (think Satan), but since everyone and everything will be wonderful, you really won`t need to Sin, unless suddenly you want to have it all for yourself. (Think Satan.)

Cheers. Further answers, ask a fellow christian around your neighborhood, they`ll be glad to answer.

Edit: Here is a further answer i felt like sharing. Sit back and think of a paradise in your mind. Ever seen the movie Avatar? I like to imagine Heaven as that amazing jungle. I imagine myself running through the trees, up the mountains, swimming across lakes, endlessly without getting tired, and without the dangers of any of the animals attacking you. (says so in bible too). Finally I reach a village with other fellow people, and I see my wife among them. I don`t have to be worried she will betray me, I don`t have to worry that she will ever be harmed. I don`t have to feel anything negative about her, experiencing only the feelings of love, with her and my fellow neighbors, without the counter feelings that comes with it (lust, envy, jealousy, etc) There would be peace across the planet, not a single way of you ever getting hurt, either emotionally and physically. You could count on everyone having good intentions. Have a best friend? Imagine everyone being that awesome. Since we will be spiritual beings, I can see my self flying through the skies.

Thats my paradise, pretty close to what the bible teaches too. Just the wife part, I am not sure if we will have our wives up there, but the rest is pretty accurate. Think up your own paradise according to these guidelines, and don`t include Earthly stuff, like sex and eating, and having a lamborghini to show off to your neighbor across the street.

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depends… did the fallen angles sin when they had a war in heaven?

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I wouldn’t trust the answer of a Christian. They’re biased. All the religious folk are biased. You could either survey a sample of all religionists to find out what the more prevailing notions of heaven are, or you could ask a completely agnostic person. They would be unbiased.

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@wundayatta I am a christian, and since Cruiser is christian, he will get a christian answer, which is what I can give.

@talljasperman good observation. That shows us there is freewill up there. So yeah, we can sin up there, but i`m sure we won`t need to, unless its greed.

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@robdamel Great answer first off! Really appreciate your thoughts. 2 things though….what is wonderful to you may not be wonderful to me. Will we be allowed our own definition of what is wonderful or will this be Gods wonderful or will I have a new brain in my new body that wont know the difference?

What if I don’t want to spend eternity with my wife? Would God give me a break there?

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I will give you the definition of sin. It is doing harm to anyone including yourself. This is by word, deed or in any way cause harm. This is what I was told when I passed away and then was brought back. This idea was left very strong and it left me with the answer. When you are among others and living in a world that is not so self centered you won’t want to cause anything or anyone harm at all. I remember how much guilt I felt for even saying something awful to someone.

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The answers to all your questions are too be found here…

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@talljasperman – that reminds me of a tattoo I saw on an illiterate badass wannabe. Forever inscribed on his forearm were the words “Hell’s Angle” When I pointed out the spelling error, he was none too happy about it.

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Here is David Byrne’s interpretation of heaven

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@Cruiser good question Cruiser. Unfortunately I am with you, I don’t have answers to everything! haha, I simply know that if I had the choice to behave or be eternally damned, I`d probably do the first. I`m His creation anyways. :P

Cheers to the mysteries of life.

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@wundayatta I actually resent the statement that “All the religious folk are biased”. I consider myself “religious” because I believe in God, but I am in no way biased beacuse of that. There are a lot of things that I’m completely unsure of, and that I have no real answer for.

When I was a little girl, I asked my mother, “Will there be dollies in heaven?” She said she didn’t know, that we’d have to wait and see. That’s my answer for this. I have no idea. If there really is a heaven, I guess we’ll find out what it’s like when we get there.

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I hope so because i have every intention of going to Heaven and I love to sin!

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I figure in heaven it is very different than earth. Probably you don’t desire to sin.

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@WillWorkForChocolate I think people who believe in God, and religious people, are two different things in my book. Sometimes people are both. If I said religious people are biased, I can’t speak for @wundayatta here, but if I said it I would not be talking about all theists, I would be talking about people who follow a book, and religious leaders to a fault, not even allowing for the possibility that we might not know, or that the book is actually written by and read by men with their interpretations.

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@WillWorkForChocolate You just demonstrated your bias in your comment. Your presumption “we’ll find out what it’s like when we get there,” demonstrates a bias towards its existence, and I’m sure you have some idea of what it would be like, even if you say if there is a heaven.

You have a prejudice in favor of heaven. I have a prejudice that its possible, but the chances are so low, they might as well be zero. Well, maybe it’s not a prejudice. It’s just that I rely on the measurable evidence.

Anyway, it’s a joke. Agnosticism does not ensure a lack of bias. The other joke is that I could call myself unbiased, because I have no idea what it is.

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No,Inherited sin is responsible for the imperfect way that our bodies function and for the death that automatically comes to everyone. Speaking about it, God’s Word says: “Through one man sin entered into the world and death through sin, and thus death spread to all men because they had all sinned.” (Rom. 5:12) That one man, Adam, was the common ancestor of all humans. By his willfully missing the mark of perfect obedience to God he sinned and brought himself into an imperfect condition. His children, being brought forth in that condition, inherited his imperfection resulting from his sin. Thus none of his descendants have been born without the effects of his sin,so that why we grow old and die.and Nowhere does the Bible teach that man has an immortal soul that survives the death of the body.

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What most Christains don’t understand is that Adam had no choice in disobeying a commandment. It had to be so that man could be. Yes unfortunately there is sin in the other worlds. Though it is not on a scale as the 3 dimensional world we live in would be.

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@stratman37 Hell’s angle: 47 degrees.

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I personally think that what is classed here in this world as a sin won’t be classed as that in heaven….at least I hope not :D.
So,judging by that…no the actions we will do ( wink ; ) wink ) won’t be seen as a sin.

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So heaven is like Part II of the SATs…

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@Cruiser “til death do you part”...I think you’ll have a break there ;)

My thoughts on this is that your human nature is sinful. When you die here, your sinful nature dies. Your pure soul will go back to where it came from.

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For Adam and Eve to qualify as being created perfect, must all their decisions thereafter be right? That would be the same as saying that they had no choice. But God did not make them in such a way that their obedience would be automatic. God granted them the ability to choose, so that they could obey because they loved him. Or, if they allowed their hearts to become selfish, they would become disobedient. Which means more to you—when someone does something for you because he is forced to do it or because he wants to?—Compare (1 John 5:3 )

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Remember All those hardcore bible thumpers are going to Heaven as well…...You’re going to want to sin….

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@Spreader There were two commandments given Adam and Eve to keep one they had to break the other there was no choice in the matter though it seemed there was. If they had not partaken of the fruit they could not have mulitplied and replentished the Earth.

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as i recall, mark twain wrote entertainingly (if cynically) of how boring heaven must be in letters from the earth. my view was always a little closer to that than to the view expressed in revival hymns.

When we’ve been there ten thousand years,
Bright shining as the sun,
We’ve no less days to sing God’s praise
Than when we’d first begun.

ye gods, not even a day off every millennium or so for good behavior?

i like the german drinking song: “im himmel gibt’s kein bier”—in heaven there is no beer, and so we drink it here.

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There better be fucking beer in Heaven, although I’m sure Hell as much heartier stock. :D

Your question makes me wonder though…if all that is real, how does that even work? It means we’d live, or rather exist, in Heaven eternally as ourselves, but that’s virtually impossible isn’t it? A lot of what really defines mankind is based on limits and ephemera, as well as sin itself. We wouldn’t be what we are if we could live forever. So what we are wouldn’t work in Heaven. So I’m guessing if you go to Heaven, your entire being transitions to something entirely different, and presumably, superior and greater, of that which our feeble minds cannot imagine.

Also, if you’re an alcoholic or a drug addict or something and this has defined your life for years, are you still all that in Heaven? It makes no sense to me lol.


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Beer is not anything at all to even think about when it comes to our life.

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The world is completely changing and people are passing on and people are really worried about Beer? really?

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Alcohol is about as ancient as man, man. :D

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@Symbeline You can really justify talking about ancient man and alcohol when thousands are turning up dead in Japan and that is okay with you. You think this is a joke or something funny? Sorry but this is very real to me and I have lost family.

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Yeah it’s okay with me. Because that is TOTALLY what I fucking meant. Totally. I politely please ask you to not speak to me ever again.

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I have no problem with that because you use the hurt of others to make fun of things.

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All the sin that you can eat.
And you’ve got to check out the dessert bar.

Response moderated (Personal Attack)
Response moderated (Personal Attack)
Response moderated (Personal Attack)
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@Summum, you seem to be very upset right now. things are all out of perspective and it’s hard to tell what people are really trying to say to one another. but no one here is making light of what happened in japan. it’s simply not under discussion.

mightn’t this be a good time for some quiet, calm reflection instead of trying to engage with strangers on the internet?

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It’s all cool.

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@Summum This is a Social question which means there is no serious call for facts or data but a request for debate and opinion. It is just as valid to hope that there is beer in heaven as it is to speculate on any other aspect of the unknowable state of Paradise.

You’ve taken one sentence from @Symbeline‘s well-considered response and used it to build a rant while you ignore the remainder. For what reason? Only you know.

It is human nature to interpret input in a personal way – as it effects you but you surely don’t expect that your personal issues are shared by everyone?

Perhaps that’s one human flaw that will be discarded in the sweet hereafter.

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[mod says] Flame off, folks. No need to make this personal.

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If not, then what’s the draw?

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Sorry about last night. Sometimes things get tough and I over reacted.

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Yeah I know I told you to not talk to me, but I was pretty pissed off myself. So, listen or not, it’s your choice, I ain’t here to give out orders anyways.
I did read that post you made about what you’re going through. I didn’t know that when posting my answer here. However, had I known, I would not have worded anything differently at all. First of all, lots of people read the answers, not just you, so anyone can get something from it, good or bad, and second, my intent is certainly not to use the hurt of others to make fun of things. In fact I’m not entirely sure from what, in my post, you even got that from. So, that not being my intent, I don’t feel the need to change my wording. If anyone thinks that makes me crude, you’re probably right. And frankly I don’t give a shit. But I’m not dangerous, nor am I full of hate. My purpose here isn’t at all what you accused me of. That’s what pissed me off the most, although I do admit that I could have been a bit more pragmatic about it.
If you don’t believe me, that’s entirely fine, I won’t try to convince you any further. It certainly is terrible about what happened, and I’m sorry if you picked something up from me that you didn’t like, but at least know that I don’t run around just making fun of stuff and bringing it down. Or rather, if it really seems like that, it’s not my intent.
Half the time I’m on here I just mess around, it’s all in good heart. I don’t believe in God, and I will say so. I will question God, and I will talk about beer if I damn well want. Things like that don’t mean I admire Hitler or eat little babies.

I’ll also take some time to apologize to @vunessuh for having a fit in her PM’s. Had I not, she wouldn’t have seen this and got in trouble. I already did apologize in PM, but if I didn’t do it on here then people would prolly be, well some friend she is haha.

Enough with the dramatics, I’m out. @Summum I hope you find peace somehow.

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@Summum @Symbeline I think a lot of users have had a few rough nights on Fluther before. We three communicated with our emotions before anything else and hadda coupla meltdowns. Lawl. I’ll apologize too for not being more reasonable. I’m certainly not upset with anyone and I hope you’re both doing well. :)

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I feel all warm and fuzzy now! The love in this part of the thread is palpable!

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Group hug! And now back to our programming.

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lurving you all

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I am honored and humbled by your sweet personalities and your warmth. Thank you for being the people that you are. hugs

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Idk what went on here the other night.. but I was raised to believe there will be NO sin in heaven…. why repeat history anyway?

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I sure hope so, otherwise I would have no fun.

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