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You have 6 words to describe your life. What would you say?

Asked by KateTheGreat (13635points) March 15th, 2011

At my university, we’re writing our “6 Word Memoirs”. You have to describe your life or who you are with exactly 6 words. What would you say?

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Redtail hawks soaring. Snowdrops blooming. Ice melting.

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Did they really believe that? LOL!

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@gailcalled I think that was 7 words. Hahahaha.

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Spring comes, in life and world.

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Solid enduring husband, lover, father, and friend.

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Nine never really became fully human.

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@KatetheGreat: Oops.

How about this?

Redtails soaring; snowdrops blooming; ice melting.

@YoBob: You too used seven words

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@gailcalled Beautiful :)

You are all very creative!

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@gailcalled Fine, the “and” really doesn’t bring much to the party anyway.

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how I would describe my life : Hard, Complicated,Funny,Loving and Exhilarating
How I would describe myself : Enduring , Hard-working,Funny,Loving and Moody.

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Change is good, good is change.

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It’s fun, Galavanting around the Galaxy.

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Nothing out of the ordinary, girlfriend.

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Along the way I found myself.

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1. Can
2. I
3. Have
4. Another
5. Six
6. Words?

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@thehundredthmonkey Lol…love that!

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Wish I could give @AmWiser 2 great answers for that one!

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Along the way I lost myself.

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It is an amazing wonderful existance.

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Don’t Stop

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It’s already on my profile but
Broken and

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Milo eats leftover scrambled eggs.OK.

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still hopeful

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Feisty, empathetic, determined, stubborn, dreamer, searching

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I love the word dreamer and searching. GA @Jude.

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I came, I saw, I lost.

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Busy being born, not busy dying.

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self edited.

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Lived on her terms. Died happy.

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Irresistible forces met immovable objects loudly.

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In love with wife, life, family.

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Wanted to be Superman. I failed.

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A shattered mirror, never whole again

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All I’ve gotta do is dream.

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Hey, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

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What will happen next, I wonder.

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Lovin all the peeps on fluther ; )

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Very painful beginning, managed to overcome.

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Work, work, Work, work, Work, work…… :-/

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Thoroughly enjoying doing it my way

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this question has been asked before

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No, no, I dont know him.

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This is paradise, I’m tellin’ ya.

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I wasn’t told what to expect.

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Be careful for what you wish.

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

Thanks for the ride, fuckers! Love.

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loves family, creates stuff, eats cookies.

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Winner in the lottery of life.

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Bumpy, messy, imperfect, funny, ironic, open

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Unconscionable waste of protoplasm —eat me.

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“All work and no play make“……………….. :-/

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So long, and thanks for all the fish! [pure]
So long, thanks for the fish! [6 words]

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