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When were you anxious?

Asked by wundayatta (58525points) March 15th, 2011

Maybe you had a performance. Maybe you were at a job interview or waiting the results of an audition or medical test. Maybe there was no particular reason at all. Maybe something was going on in family life to make you anxious.

Remember a circumstance where you were anxious and describe that situation and why you were anxious.

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I was a basket case the week before to my first trip abroad. It was a business trip to China, and though I had flown many, many times, never to a foreign country, never across an ocean. However, once I got settled in Business Class and discovered the non-stop service, I relaxed… and had a GREAT trip. I’ve flown abroad half a dozen times since and, most recently, I was nervous for various reasons—but never quite like that first trip.

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I was pretty anxious while waiting for the biopsy results of a tumor in 1999. It was malignant, but I’m all better now. Then I was anxious waiting to find out if Katawagrey would be all right after she got run over. She was. I think the reasons for the anxiety in those cases are kind of obvious. :-)

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I have gone through lots of anxious moments after I had a surgery. The surgery has caused some really awful pain and I feel it 24/7. Anyway the first time it happened I thought I was having a heart attack so I went into panic mode. They called an ambulance for me and when they got there one guy saw what was going on and he just had them put on the oxygen mask without turning on the oxygen and I was better in about 15 minutes. Since then I know what those attacks are and I can control it.

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To the OP… do you mean anxious as in eagerly awaiting something, or anxious as in worried?

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Anxious as in worried: I am living alone in a big city (Sao Paulo), job less, and my money is reaally close to running out.

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The only time I’m ever ( worried ) anxious is when I’m waiting for the results from tests the doctors give me to find out if the cancer has reappeared somewhere!

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Every day, unfortunately. Anxiety completely runs my life.

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@CaptainHarley Any kind of anxious at all.

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Always anxious before I teach a class; the last time was last Friday before my poetry class.

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I recently took a tumble and hit my face on a piece of concrete. In the ambulance I was joking around with the two lady attendants (they liked my new shoes), but it was pure cover for my anxiety about damage to my head and whatever the reason for the fall. But thanks wonderful TLC from my companion and good medical help, I calmed down fairly quickly and came through with only a couple of stitches and a black-and-blue eye, now completely faded.

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It would be easier to list the times I haven’t been anxious. I’ve lived most of my life in a state of perpetual anxiety, punctuated by moments of actual fear.

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Oh yes! I get anxious to see my wife. I get anxious before I leave to go see my children and grandchildren. I get anxious to be on the road when I’m riding my Harley somewhere. But all of those times are “eagerly anticipating” types of anxious. : ))

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I recently had to follow an ambulance with a loved one inside it….... the anxiety came out as floods of tears…

Also, my sister gave birth about ten days ago to her third child, two weeks over due. She had planned a homebirth, but after complications she was taken into hospital at half ten in the evening… That was a very anxious night for me. (I finally heard all was well at 3am…)

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I’m anxious every day. I wake up and my first feeling is anxiety. I can’t remember ever not being anxious but I can never get used to the feeling enough to be ok with it. The one thing about anxiety (especially when it’s the crippling kind), it makes you aware of every inch of your body.

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With any sport played, musical performance, or public speaking I have done.
I always have had a touch of anxiety before doing anything like that because it was important to me and I took how I performed very serious.
As a kid I did piano recitals and my stomach was a knot for days before. Sports would be like that until the activity started as well as presentations in work career. I seemed to always do ok, and the anxiety helped me to focus and not be nonchalant

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I don’t get nervous anxious when I’m performing for people unless I have to sing. It’s actually kind of weird because I’ve done four dance recitals and numerous clarinet recitals and never been anxious then, but when it comes to singing I get so nervous that my voice shakes at first. I almost tanked my rehearsal for the school musical because I had to sing a minute of a song of my choice. I chose The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance. I started to sing and my voice was seriously shaking. I ended up getting a part though. A small part, but a part. I’m one of fourteen ladies.

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…Yeah, what @downtide said.

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Valentines Day of 2010 because I thought my now fiancee was going to propose then. A relative of his ended up dying just a few days before the holiday so whether he had thought about prosing then or not, he didn’t.

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I am anxious because I am supposed to tell people about what is going on and NOBODY will even listen long enough to see what is going on and I am supposed to talk to others. People keep making comments that don’t matter.

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I’d have to admit when the ceiling fell down on me in a house fire I was feeling it some. If memory serves I think I peed on my self but only a small amount.

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Again the making light of anothers ideas…

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My first chemo treatment. I was so nervous. I left laughing. A very wise woman was near me. She gave fantastic advice and quite the show. When she got cold, she covered up in everything available, when she got hot, she stripped. she died about a month ago, not from cancer, though. She lived a beautiful life and passed away peacefully in her sleep.

Recently, my son had a major health scare. Throw anything at me, don’t make my son or daughter have these burdens. I can do it, leave them alone.

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@Summum you talkin to me?

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No I’m just going through a tough time and I don’t mean to point it at another. You have no idea what the hell is going on in my life and it is my problem not yours. Sorry

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I think the time I felt most anxious in my life was not when I was in danger or worried about myself. My father had diabetes and had a long running series of health issues relating to it, congestive hearth failure, etc, etc, ...well, like many diabetics he had circulatory problems which affected his wounds healing properly. He had gotten a bad scrape on his shin that just would not heal. Months went by of my Mom doing everything she could to make it better. Finally there was only one option left to try. The docors would attempt a skin graft to aid in the healing. If this attempt was not successful, they would have to amputate the leg. He went into surgery not knowing how it was going to work, would he wake up whole or with part of his leg missing. I have always had this deathly fear of anything having to do with amputation. That day my whole family sat in the waiting room anxiously awaiting the results. I prayed and pleaded with God to let things work out. Finally the surgery was over. The graft has been successful. They did not have to amputate. I will never forget that day! I was so overjoyed, so relieved. I went in to the recovery room to hold my father’s hand and he squeezed my hand weakly, looked in my eyes and said “I love you”. I still cry when I think about it.

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