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Can anyone recommend a quality projector, or explain some tech specs?

Asked by Allie (17431points) March 15th, 2011

Our department at work is looking into purchasing a new projector for our meeting office. The ones we can buy in the campus catalog are Epson projectors, which I’m assuming are of good quality since they’re listed there. Thing is I’m not sure about some of the specs listed beside each one. What’s the difference between WXGA and XGA? What is “all HDMI connectivity?” It should be simple for all to use, so I like the fact that some (but not all) of the ones I’ve seen have (bonus) USB plug-to-play for both Macs and PCs. Price range is about $500 – $800 and the room it needs to project across with a clear image is about 20–30 feet.

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Can you please list the model numbers. It will be easier to do a heads up review.
Also, what kind of PC or Mac devices will you have your material on?

WXGA is Wide XGA (WXGA) is a display class (or standard) that supports a resolution of 1366 to 1280 pixels horizontally and 768 to 720 pixels vertically. WXGA is a standard commonly associated with LCD computer monitors and televisions used for widescreen display and projection.
XGA is Short for extended graphics array, a high-resolution graphics standard introduced by IBM in 1990. XGA was designed to replace the older 8514/A video standard. It provides the same resolutions (640 by 480 or 1024 by 768 pixels), but supports more simultaneous colors (65 thousand compared to 8514/A’s 256 colors). In addition, XGA allows monitors to be non-interlaced.

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Same size top-to-bottom. WXGA is wider.

XGA 1024×768
WXGA 1280×768

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epson ex71 multimedia projector (v11h310120)
epson powerlite 1750 multimedia projector (v11h372120)
epson powerlite 1760w multimedia projector (v11h361120)
epson powerlite presenter projector/dvd player combo (v11h335120)

I think most material will be on Dell laptops.

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