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Have you ever made a U-turn in life?

Asked by Les (9617points) April 17th, 2008

I’m just interested in hearing people’s stories about their career/job/life in general. For example: Have you always thought that you would have a certain profession (be it doctor, scientist, teacher, etc) only to decide later on that maybe there is something else for you? I’m conflicted in my own life right now because I have always thought of myself as being a research scientist (getting my MS, PhD, and government job), but now I think (I nearly have my MS) that maybe I was wrong, and I should do something else. How has it worked out for you?

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started out working as a manager in futures after leaving university and am now a nurse! God knows how that happened!

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Actually I am considering a career change myself. I do administration work for a podiatric group, but I am currently out on disability recovering from a surgery. I have been tossing the idea around of looking for a different position, because I dread the thought of going back to a job that is ever demanding more from me without giving enough back.

I am watching the help wanted ads to put some feelers out for something more rewarding. I guess we get stuck in a comfort zone because of the fear of the unknown. but if I hadn’t taken a leap of faith years ago, I wouldn’t have the job I now have, so I guess it’s good to explore new and different things.

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Some years ago I was offered a job in a different country than I was in at the time with a start date a week from when the offer was made…....I took it.
Packed up everything I had and got on a plane, started a new job in a new country (speaking my 3rd language, English) and so on…....I see that as a bit of a U-Turn in my life.
Sometimes I get itchy feet and want to do it again, but not sure where and how.

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General Sales Manager for a Car Dealership turned Web Designer/Developer.

I’ve done everything backwards.

1. Quit College at 20
2. Entered car business at 22
3. Met a girl, we bought a house, then had a baby, then got married.
5. Quit car business.
6. Went back to college, started completely over, degree in C.I.S.
7. Now work at the University I originally dropped out of
8. Started my own business on the side with a professor for the University I graduated from.

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Thanks, guys. It’s nice to hear that it happens, and you all seem to be fairly happy. I don’t think I’d every completely turn away from science, but maybe there is a change coming for me…

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Well, I am a 20 year old universtiy student, who went into journalism, writing was my passion, and i am now dropping out of my program after 2 years because it is not what i want to be doing with my life. i am now enrolled in events management and im not looking back. no regrets!

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Oh, I probably should add… the time of my U-Turn, I was in uni. studying business economics/IT.
Now I work with IT and am half-way through a course in Training & Development…

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