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Is there anywhere I can get Vanilla Coke?

Asked by XOIIO (18118points) March 15th, 2011

Vanilla coke was like a big “O” in a can, is there anywhere that I can order it online, or has it been permanently discontinued?

Why did they stop making it anyways?

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You can add vanilla extract or “vanilla syrup” to a coke. In olden days, one could get a coke at the soda fountain. The syrup came out of a pump, then carbonated water was added and ofter a flavor, such as cherry or chocolate.

It is easy to make versions of these in your kitchen, using coke over ice as a foundation.

Sorry: Here’s the link for a high-quality vanilla syrup.

If you use vanilla extract, make sure it is pure vanilla and not fake stuff.

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@gailcalled I heard that just vanilla extract wont work.

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xoxo, do you listen to the distorted view radio show by any chance ? :)
(that was yesterdays question)
I still get Vanilla coke in my town,(not coca cola) but still pretty good. I can send you some :)

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@SeaTurtle nope.

You are lucky. In Canada all the good stuff is only around for a while.

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Vanilla extract works great. I use it all the time.

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yeah like October Road, I loved that show :(

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@XOIIO The real extract works well, the artificial stuff isn’t worth buying in my opinion.

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@XOIIO To make a good Vanilla Coke, use the Starbucks syrup. One pump for every 6–8 ounces should be perfectly to your liking.

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@gailcalled The 7-Elevens in my area still mix carbonated water with syrup (which is why it’s different – some are constantly running low on the syrup), and then you can add lime, lemon, cherry, or vanilla syrup.

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The syrup they use to flavor lattes can also be mixed into sodas. The brands I usually see around are Torani or Monin. Starbucks sometimes sells them and many coffeeshops sell them. I also saw Torani syrup on the shelf at World Market. You can also make Italian sodas by mixing these in with plain carbonated water.

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Vanilla coke is everywhere in Australia. Don’t you have it where you are anymore?

I think it is disgusting, but obviously lots of others must like it!

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I live in NC and vanilla Coke is all my husband drinks. It’s available almost everywhere here! (I think.) Anyway have you tried the coke website?

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Call Coke and find out.

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I don’t have a problem finding it in local stores. Maybe you could look at online retailers like Amazon.

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