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Can someone summarize for me the Gormogon story arc from season three of Bones?

Asked by Mariah (25883points) March 15th, 2011

I’ve been watching a lot of Bones reruns lately, but they’ve been showing in no particular order and I’m very confused. I can’t seem to find a coherent summary anywhere of what happened in the Gormogon story arc, does anyone care to summarize it for me?

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It’s been awhile; what have you seen so far?

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The reason I am so confused is I have seen bits and pieces out of order. A while back I saw the episode where Zach blew himself up and turned out to be Gormogon’s apprentice (?) but I can’t remember it very well because the arc meant nothing to me at the time. Today I saw the episode where Gormogon attacked a lobbyist and tried to blow up Brennan and Booth with a bomb full of teeth. I am so not seeing any of this in the right order, haha.

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@Mariah That’s the last episode, where Zach blows himself up. IIRC, there’s really only 3 (or 4?) episodes where the Gormogon is actually a part of the story. The season premiere, the eighth episode “The Knight on the Grid” (where he tries to blow Bones and Booth up), and the season finale.

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Try this excellent wikipedia article about it.

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@YARNLADY I did see that article but it felt kind of incomplete to me – I think it assumed I knew more than I know. Thanks, though.

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@Mariah It is a really bad article, but I think there’s a tendency to think that the Gormegon is a bigger story arch than it is because it goes for an entire season and the first and last episodes have to do with it. But other than those 3 episodes, it’s just not a part of the season. I actually ended up watching the entire season just to see the whole Gormegon arch, and was really disappointed – especially since at the end, they find the Gormegon, arrest him, and then when we find out who he was, all that is said is “He was nobody”. The writer’s strike of 2007–08 really screwed over a lot of shows and their story archs.

If you were so inclined to, I’m sure you could find those 3 episodes and watch them on your computer in order.

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@MyNewtBoobs Okay, thanks! Yeah, I’m really surprised to hear that there’s only one episode about Gormogon other than the ones I’ve seen, because it seemed like such a big thing. I didn’t realize that was the year of the writer’s strike. Ouch.

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@Mariah Yeah, I don’t really know if they were planning to do more, but even though it meets the criteria for a “story arch”, I don’t know that I’d really call it one. It’s kinda a bummer, because I think they really had something, and could have ended on a cliff-hanger and stretched it into another season instead of just going “so… anti-climatic! How pissed are you?”

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They did refer to Gormogon in shows not about him, though, didn’t they?

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the writers strike really messed this story line up, i wouldnt bother researching it. if its any consolation zach later admitted he didnt help kill anyone of the victims to sweets, thus providing a possible return to the show. however with the length of time that has now passed that would seem highly unlikely.

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The best I can come up with is “Zach as Gormogon’s assistant? Yeah…..riiiiiight. The guy couldn’t hurt a fly and you really expect us to buy this cr*p ?”

I was almost ready to give up on the series altogether after that one. I figured it had really jumped the shark.

But thankfully, order was restored to the universe and I just look on that whole nonsence as as evidence of temporary insanity or a HUGE lapse in judgment to treat the audience as if they’re total nitwits.

Altho I wasn’t all enthused about the whole Seely-Hannah in love nonsense this season, the majority of the show is back in it’s regular groove with gory science sprinkled with humor and heart.

And they finally had the good sense to end the Hannah nonsense. Just wasn’t buying that either. No chemistry between those two at all.

If I were you, I really wouldn’t be wasting any more time trying to make any sense at all out of the whole Zach-Gormogon nonsense. The actor playing him wanted out so he could go to college and the powers that be decided upon that bit of stupidity to facilitate his exit. A momentary hiccup in an otherwise excellent show.

And I don’t think that your confusion is due primarily to seeing episodes out of order so I wouldn’t be too focused on that.

It didn’t make any sense to most of us who watched it in real time either, ha ha.

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