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What stray thoughts do you have as a result of reading or replying to unrelated questions or answers from other flutherites?

Asked by ninjacolin (14230points) March 15th, 2011

If it’s a question and you’re willing to share it, make sure you post it as an ACTUAL fluther question, please. :)

But if it’s a statement or idea without a question to it (so far) then post it here.

Go ahead and post a link to the original conversation if you want but it’s your call.

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GQ – but should be in meta?

I am always fluthering about between universes, this one and the other one – what’s it called again – oh yeah, life.

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Nope, shouldn’t be in “meta.” :)
Oh wait.. maybe.. haha, I just didn’t want it to be restricted to flutherotes just because it concerns fluther.. thin line

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I don’t think you want to know my thoughts, after reading some people’s responses lately.. They’re not very nice.

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Stray thoughts…..hmmmm. Well, a lot of things start making sense whenever I look at a thread discussing what meds y’all are on. Just sayin’. :D

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no rush guys, whenever it comes to ya.

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I just answered an older one from october 09 about how one knows whether it’s true love:
I got this on my brain, now – and now you do too hahahaha

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Many questions and answers I read leave me depressed over just how disconnected from physical reality (i.e. the real world/natural world) so many people are. It always makes me wonder how often anyone gets outside, and how often, if ever, most people get completely away from human-derived stimuli. It’s practically like solitary confinement, in a way. Without that external stimuli you can start to believe some crazy things. Being exposed to unadulterated nature can be humbling.

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