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Should I be worried about a beehive in this room?

Asked by xjustxxclaudiax (1955points) March 16th, 2011

I’m deathly afraid of bees ever since I was a little girl. I spend the night at my friends house everyday in his garage/room. Well anyways, after he took me home this morning he said there were about four or five bees buzzing around in his room. Is there a chance that they might have built a hive in here? :( I’m scared.

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They could be carpenter bees, or the bees could have built a hive under a crawl space. Somewhere there’s a hole that’s allowing them to get. in. Is his room messy, with food or soft drinks left about?

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If you are no longer in the room, then you don’t have to worry.

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@coffeenut- I thought that could be it, but I stood up all night waiting to see if I’d hear any buzzing in the walls but I heard nothing. It is a bit of a mess because he works all day and his brother always puts a lot of junk in there and usually its up to me to clean it up. Hopefully my friend doesn’t find any bee’s today, I’ll clean his room on the weekend when I get the chance. Hopefully I don’t stumble into a bee hive or something D:

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@xjustxxclaudiax You wouldn’t hear buzzing (unless it was a super nest like the pic)...It may just be the beginning of a nest…..or something just enticed a few to come check the room out….

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@coffeenut- is it common for bees to fly together like that? I’m really hoping there isn’t a baby hive somewhere >_<

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