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How can I fix my shakey pc monitor?

Asked by evp724 (14points) April 17th, 2008

My monitor is all wavey and shakey – like there is some interference near by, but I don’t have anything magnetic or electrical near. When I unplug the screen and plug it back, the screen is clear for about 10 seconds, then gets wavey again. Any idea what could be wrong.

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Well, that really does sound like there’s magnetic interference somewhere… computer speakers maybe? Maybe it’s time to go out and pick up a new LCD monitor?

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Check what you have in the surrounding area that could be interfering. Other computers, fax machines, TV’s, etc. could be causing it.
Although it may be faulty, in which case, contact a service center to see if it’s repairable.

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Move it to a different location away from desk lamp, another monitor, TV or even fluorescent lights. You should be fine!

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