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If I could, I would bring back ...

Asked by erichw1504 (26396points) March 16th, 2011

If you had the power, what would you want to bring back the most? It could be something from your past or anything from human’s entire history. It can be anything from a way of life to a TV show a clothing style or something personal.

Why would you bring it back? How would your life and our world change if it was brought back?

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My Mom.

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A Field Spaniel called DeeDee

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Bell bottoms, Fry boots and flannels! Now that was a fashion trend! XD

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Here in England Town i’d most certainly bring back hanging for paedophiles. Controversial it may be, but that’s my pick.

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My sister. Enough said.

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Technically not yet humanity’s history, but what the hay.

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Old-fashioned ice cream parlours (anyone remember that marvelous aroma?) and soda fountains.

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As per my most recent question, Dunkaroos obviously. And String Things.

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I would want to bring back Nicola Tesla. It would be extremely interesting if he really did have some way of solving our energy dilemma. He was a brilliant mind.

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My Grandmother, my furbabies.

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My little sister, who should have been…… I always thought as a kid that maybe I wanted her too much, that’s why she never made it…She deserved her chance….. That’s why now, even as an adult, I never make a fuss in looking forward to anything too much as it might never happen :-/
A bit deep but there you go…... sorry folks…......

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I would bring back my daughter ( who is 23 ) as a 4 year old again!

She was the cutest, funniest, most adorable little thing ever!

I’d love to spend a few days with her as a small child again. :-)

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I’d bring back my grandparents, who I did not always appreciate when they were alive.

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I’d bring back my dad, who’s been gone for 40 years. A gadget freak in the earliest days of such advanced devices as the electronic calculator, he’d have a houseful of computers, tablets, music players and who-knows-what-else today, even though he’d be in his 90s.

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It’s more of a point in time that I wish I could alter. I wish I could alter what happened directly after my first daughter’s birth, so that I would have been healthy and able to bond with her and take care of her, instead of my mom having to do it.

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Respect for authority and for the older generation.

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The idea of manners and social observances not being anti-progressive but valuable for strangers and acquaintances to act decently to one another without the idea they’re pretending they are friends or confidants.


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Chocolate covered pretzels mmmmmmm i miss them so

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@nellybar They do still sell those in stores across the country, you know.

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3.2 beer legal for 18 year olds.

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Beer at 1/8 for a pint of light.

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Street theater.

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Kurt Vonnegut and Johnny Cash.

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The Smiths and records/record players. There’s an aesthetic there that you can’t replicate with music you can buy now. Oh, and I’d bring back my great-grandparents. I miss them, and never really kept in contact with them as they got older and I reached adolescence.

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I’ve thought about this a lot over the years but truth is I don’t wanna bring back people…no matter how much I love them and miss them and want to see them again.I don’t want them to go through life’s difficulties all over again.I don’t want them to even have the tiniest chance of getting hurt by coming back….
But I would definately want my cat lucky back.She died in a motorbike collision and I want to stroke her again….

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Yes, I’d bring back a few pets too, but no people. lol

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I would bring back my mom. Just so she could see me get married.

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Tupac, the world could use someone as intelligent and caring as Tupac again.

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The guy who shot Tupac, cause if @Stefaniebby gets her wish, I wanna take care of that shit.

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@filmfann It sounds like you don’t really know much about Tupac. If you actually knew anything about him besides that he was a black rapper you might be a little less disrespectful.

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My Pops.

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@Stefaniebby You mean the guy who shot a cop, was accused of gang rape, and convicted of several counts of molestation? This is the guy you think deserves some of my respect?

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@filmfann I could get into a long discussion of background information that was not shown in the media but its honestly not worth it. You got your opinion, I got mine, either way we wont agree.

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I wish drive-in theaters were as accessible as Walmart.

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Cell phones that don’t slide or hinge in any way. And product warranties that really mean something.

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@Stefaniebby i’d bring back tupac and biggie =)

I’d have to bring back the simplicity of my childhood years..

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Arcade machines and VCR’s.

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VCR’s are gone?

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@woodcutter Mostly. I think what @Symbeline means is that she wants them to come back in popularity and regular use. It’s like saying I want to bring back bell-bottom jeans, when you can still find them in some stores today.

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Points and nods.

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nan and my really good mate Will who i lost last year in a house fire, he was only 13 :/

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@erichw1504 Ive only seen them once recently in Brighton in a store that sells American sweets..Why oh why didn’t I buy them??

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Well @nellybar you can always make your own, order them online, or come to the states where you could swim in a sea of them.

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This is a hard question…My first impulse was to answer that I would want to experience some of the things I have experienced in the past year that were so wonderful. But, truth be told, experiences lived through again would not be the same, especially if one had prior knowledge of them, what was going to happen, etc. Perelandra, by C.S. Lewis, has an interesting perspective on this, where it is considered wrong to try an recreate the same experience over and over again, and how trying to do this would ultimately ruin the experience as a whole.

I think too that wanting to bring back people in our lives is a natural thing, but is not meant to be, for the most part. Although it’s easier said than done, we should not live our lives wanting this, but try to move on past the regret.

That being said, I want to bring back the days that gas was .99 cents/gallon…:)

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My grandparents – I miss them.
My marriage – but better.
My unborn child.
The 60’s.

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The first three weeks of this past December…

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Star Trek: The Next Generation

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The good music. I am not alone in this wish. Have all the good song writers retired or died?

If I had the power, I would remake all of those fantastic songs of the 50s, 60s, 70s, and mid-80s.

I would do this for one reason… share the good stuff I listened and danced to back then.

The music had meaning. Something you could associate with a good or bad time in your life.

I am thankful that “my time” on earth was during that time period.

So many young people do not know what they missed.

Also, my parents. I was playing so much music and gone most of the time, that I missed out on the personal time with my parents. They were good to me and I will never forget that.

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Max Headroom


The wonderful Golden 1950s and early 1960s.

Singer Karen Carpenter, in my opinion the best female pop singer who ever lived.

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Everyone in my family back to the beginning of time.
That would be one hell of a reunion.

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Tintin (the great comic series by Herge)

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Doctor Who

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I would bring back “Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific” and sweetheart soap.

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The Muppet Show

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Doctor Who is back, @HungryGuy. Do you mean the old ones?

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My ‘76 Dodge Dart…

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@krrazypassions I love those comics lol!

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The Spanish Inquisition

…bet you didn’t expect that

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Haha yeah, Tintin rocks. I read em all so many times, my dad had the whole collection. It was interesting because he got em all when he was a kid, but later re-bought some of the books because the old ones were all used up. We noticed some books had minor differences in the same panels. Bizarre. But yeah, Haddock ftw.
Also I got pissed off when I checked out some of the English versions and saw some of the name changes. It’s Milou, not Snowy. Gah. Haha, sorry, minor rant.

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@Symbeline @jellyfish3232 @queenie
yeah tintin really rocks! its fun reading all the tintin comics… i had read them from libraries when a decade ago… and now, thanks to torrents and internet, i got the entire ebook collection of tintin on my pc :)
I wish new adventures of Tintin would be written!

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yes, I’ve seen a few episodes on the Cartoon Network TV channel, at least 7–8 yrs ago..

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I’ve seen some as well, but I found them nowhere near as fun as the books.

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Dobie Gillis was kind of cool.

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Thunderbirds (a kids show with puppets)

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@HungryGuy I too thought that show was awesome!!

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