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Do you ever "steal" clothes from your S/O to keep them closer to you?

Asked by WillWorkForChocolate (23155points) March 16th, 2011

This question reminded me of when I took a sweatshirt from my husband when we were dating. When I first took it, it had his scent on it, and I didn’t wash it for a while. I kept it next to my pillow in bed, almost like a “blankie”.

It’s been about 12 years now, and I still have that sweatshirt. It’s slightly ratty now from being worn and washed so much, but it’s still such a comfy thing to wear around the house. Every time I pull it on, I remember back to when we were dating, and it puts this big, goofy smile on my face.

My husband has never taken it back, except to hide it in his closet when he’s teasing me. I think he likes that I still wear it.

Did you ever take an article of clothing from an S/O, to remind you of them, or to keep their scent close to you?

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Nothing that romantic… I steal the partner-in-crime’s socks when I can’t find any that match. I do have a sweater of his that I’ve claimed as my own. But he’s claimed a few of mine so it’s fair.

He also used to wander off with my underwear until I stopped buying boxers.

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Yes, I kept an unwashed t-shirt of his he’d once let me wear as pj’s and I also kept it under my pillow at home. My now fiancĂ©e asked me to keep clothes at his apt. which I learned he would snuggle up with.

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Of course! And not just for that, but to wear it as well. I wear my ex-husband’s and best friend’s clothes too.

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A co-worker who traveled would take her husband’s t-shirts he had worn in a zip-lock bag on trips and wear them at night while she was writing up reports in her hotel room. I thought that it was romantic.

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@Pied_Pfeffer That is romantic. When I found out what sort of cologne my hubby wore, I bought a small bottle and sprayed my pillow with it.

The funny thing is, when we had been married about 5 years, he had to work out of state for a while, and I later found out (on one of my trips out to visit him) that he had stolen a bottle of my favorite perfume to take with him and he was spraying his pillow with it at night. He also had pictures of me and our daughter tacked all over his bedroom walls, which I had no idea that he’d taken. When I found out, I was so caught off guard that I actually cried from the sweetness of it. =0)

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No. My wife takes my shirts, but she is not my size.

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@WillWorkForChocolate That is cute and touching. I’m glad you have each other. My girl has several of my swearshirts.

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I ask my husband to wear the same t-shirt for a couple of nights in a row before he goes away. Then, when he’s gone, I sleep with it near my face so I can smell him. It’s comforting.

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I have lost the vast majority of my hoodies to x g/f’s over the years. A few other random articles of clothing, but for the most part I would say hoodies. In fact I think each of my last 3–4 g/f’s still has at least one in their possession.

I still have a few things from a couple of x’s lying around I think.

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I used to do that to my ex-boyfriend and I ended up owning half of his clothes.

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Never steal. We sleep with a shirt (get our smell all over it, stank and all) and the other partner then takes it and sleeps with it. It has our smell. Very comforting.

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I love to wear one of my husbands sweaters, even though it is way too big. I wear one of his t-shirts to sleep in at night.

My mother still has the last shirt my father wore, before his stroke. She said there is still a faint smell of his after shave.

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One gf offered and I asked two others, but have yet to become the proud owner anyone’s undies.

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@KatetheGreat So that’s were my wardrobe went!!!!
Seriously, I have lost more close like this.
I however took any back. When I traveled I would take pictures or take a favorite stuffed animal that my daughter would pack for me. She has a webkin named Hippie that has more frequent flyer milage and photo ops from around the globe than most people.

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@blueiinzh: what a great way to do something memorable for your daughter.

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Oh I just love to wear the wife’s lingerie, not a question of stealing though. They’re mine I tell you….all mine!! Err, did I just say that out loud!?!

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I stole his cloth handkerchief once….kept it in my special box….
Then I found out he was cheating and threw it in the bin….

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Yes I do. As a matter of fact, I have adopted all his pajama pants. I also kidnap his shirts too. Since he works nights, I get really lonely. He now leaves one of his stuffed animals on the bed so I can have something to cuddle with when he’s not there.

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All the freakin’ time! If he’s not with me I will sleep in one of his tshirts and I often wear one of his jumpers (which are massive on me) if I’m feeling in need of comfort when he’s not around.

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I enjoy sharing parts of my wardrobe with someone of the opposite sex, and I need no excuse to steal their clothes I look good in, to keep it reciprocal. It is damn romantic with a SO.

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Oh yes, all the time. I’ve stolen boxers, pj pants, t-shirts, and sweaters from the guys I’ve dated. You know you’re dating me when you you go to get dressed one day, only to find that your drawers and closets are empty!

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My boyfriend rides bulls, and has to have a pair of cowboy boots for the rodeo. The 1st night I went to his house it was raining and I was in heels. On the way there I told him I wished I had another pair of shoes with me, so mine didn’t get ruined in the mud. He asked that I text him when I was close, and brought the cowboy boots out to me… such a gentleman. Then walked me to his door. He still walks me from my car to his door, but the boots stay in my car until Friday or Saturday when he rides. Makes me happy to look over and see them in the passenger side floor board.

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@annielorena: That is so nice!

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@WillWorkForChocolate that is so sweet! So many thoughtful ideas here. I love yours too @blueiiznh. I love the way my husband smells… might have to raid his wardrobe!

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In high school I borrowed my BFF’s sweatshirt for a camping trip because I didn’t have one, and realized later that it smelled like her. That was very comforting while I was away. Years later, I can still think of that smell.

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my space cadet pal leaves a sock, a tye dye shirt…..<3

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