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Childbirth vs prostate biopsy? Which is more painful?

Asked by Aster (19120points) March 16th, 2011

Having a discussion about this but it may be impossible to compare them as one lasts so much longer than the other. But what do you think?

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Why compare? I’ve had all kinds of medical procedures done and they all hurt in different ways.

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I dont really know. It reminds me of an old question, “do you put your glasses upside down or right side up when you empty the dishwasher” and not one person asked why he wanted to know.

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But…. you can’t even compare the two!

A man will never experience childbirth and a woman will never have a prostate biopsy.

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Ummm…... I’m really not sure. Coming from a woman’s perspective, though, I might be more inclined to say childbirth, since (with my first child) I was in agonizing, unnaturally painful, godawful labor for 19 hours before they gave me drugs, and I shoved a miniature human out of my own body after 23 hours of hell.

I have no idea what a prostate biopsy feels like, but hopefully it doesn’t last for 23 hours.

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Hard to compare the two. I would say pregnancies range in pain. Obviously I don’t know for sure, I’m not a woman and I’ve never directly witnessed or taken part in a birth. But I’ve heard of it being easy and quick, or long and painful, or somewhere between.

A biopsy of anything is incredibly painful from what I’ve been told. Regardless of it being the prostate.

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I haven’t personally had a biopsy. My mom has had a few. They healed pretty quickly.

I have given birth. The birth wasn’t so bad for me but my pregnancy was hell so I was glad to see it come to an end but the healing process 5yrs after the birth is still ongoing for me.

A biopsy is a clean cut. A rip when giving birth is not.

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Well, I had a biopsy of a skin cancer and it was almost nothing; like a flu shot or milder. A prostate biopsy is a WHOLE OTHER UNIVERSE . It is INSIDE the body , some men get put to sleep for it, and they take 12 samples to look at. Then they bleed afterwards for a week to months. All I got was a bandaid.

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I have not experienced childbirth but I have had the ‘pleasure’ of a 12 core prostate biopsy. About half of the cores were not problem but the other half were… not pleasant. Nor was the blood coming out of orifices that should not be leaking blood. At 3–4 weeks the ejaculate still looked like something from Aliens.
In general, at the end of childbirth, you have good news -a kid!
In general, at the end of the biopsy, all you get bad news – “Yep! It’s rotten.”

Hey @Aster, If he wants to talk, PM me.

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How can anyone make the comparison? Women can’t have prostate biopsies, and men can’t have children.

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