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Can anyone recomend a great tattoo artist in SF: high detail - black and grey?

Asked by Spargett (5382points) April 17th, 2008 from iPhone

Title says it all. Thanks.

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Are you ok with Oakland?

Freddy Corbin is the man. He’s been around forever and is a black and grey specialist, it’s what he loves to do. He is also one of the nicest people I have ever met, not that it matters, but you won’t get attitude.

Temple Tattoo his shop
YouTube video
Yelp review

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That didn’t seem to work. Here is Temple Tattoo again.

His stuff is extremely high detail, single needle at times.

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Black Heart Tattoo is an amazing shop. You can view some of the artitsts’ work on this site.

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hahaha.. peedub you give excellent tattoo advice.

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They give me a cut, oops…

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Dawei Zhang is just a bit south of SF in Santa Clara.


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Wow, Dawei Zhang is really good.

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Did you go see him for an appt?

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