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Do certain awards have to do with certain archived questions?

Asked by Ladymia69 (6881points) March 16th, 2011

Just wondering.

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Honestly, I have no Idea.

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Well, a lot of those archived questions are closed, so that means no one else gets those awards.

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[mod says] Please remember: Don’t give away state secrets!

@ladymia69 Actually, I think the only award that not everyone can get is the Old Timer one. All the others are still available.

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@augustlan call me wikiladylinks. :)

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Hah! I didn’t read “achived” when I glanced at this question. I read “Do certain awards have to do with certain questions”?

That’s why I answered YES. Because certain awards do have “to do” with certain questions. That’s why the awards have “certain names”.

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@augustlan My lips are sealed! Mainly because I have no idea how I got the cake in the frizzer award.

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Perhaps si, perhaps no… now who stole my chocolate?

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I did. YUM!

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The questions may be archived and you may not be able to reply to them anymore, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t get the awards.

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How do you even get an award?

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You give me chocolate and I’ll steal someone else’s award for you You bribe the mods You have to really search for things…

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Ask & answer @dxs and you will see awards as you get great answers and more.

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