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Ways to keep up your social life if you are homeschooled?

Asked by tianalovesyou (709points) March 16th, 2011

I might be home-schooled next year. Any suggestions on how I can be just as social as I am now without disrupting my academics?

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How about getting schooled at the home of a friend? :-p

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Join a team or club. If there is a Y close by join some of their activities or classes.

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Do you live in Washington State? You sound like a family member that is being home schooled by your mother. Tiana is her name too. Does your moms name start with a C? Give me a PM if you think you are who I am talking about. :)

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@Summum nope, I live in California.

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Whew I was hoping it wasn’t my grand daughter speaking out because she has some issues similar to yours. Hugs Hang in there.

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I’m with @WestRiverrat. I am involved with Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. We have two girls in our troop (both in High School) that are very active, they also play county sports. One also has a membership to the Y, where other friends are involved.

There are also different Home School organizations that have different social events. (I’m in NC, I have heard of them around here, but I’m not sure about what they have in your area. Worth some time on Google.)

Good luck to you!

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If you talk to a school near you, they might let you participate in sports even if you don’t go to that school. I know that my school lets some kids do that.

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Check with your school counselor. Some areas are becoming very sensitive to the social needs of home schools and allow participation in public school activities. Not only sports as @15barcam mentioned but also drama, forensic and music programs.

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Venturing is a scouting program (under the Boy Scouts of America) for boys and girls age 14 and up. They are not as formal as Boy Scouts, and do more mature activities. Check iwth the local Boy Scout council for information.

Check your local recreation department for teen groups, especially dances.

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@tianalovesyou I home school my son. There are plenty of home school groups in every locale at this point, wherever you reside there is bound to be a group you’d want to join. Many of the groups do outings, field trips, shared tutoring, shared group classes, and more.

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If you have a circle of friends now and won’t see them every day when you change your method of schooling, set up regular times to meet and go to the movies or have each other over. Sadly, regardless of best intentions we often find it easier to keep putting things off than get together with friends, so put it in your and their calendar and make sure you do keep those friendships going.

Also join a sporting group, drama group, whatever appeals to you so you can meet new friends. Good luck.

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You’ll have more time for a social life. Being home schooled means no homework, as in no strangers who think they’re allowed to tell you what you have to do when you’re not in school. Everyone should be home schooled, it’s the best quality education you could get.

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