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Any bands with music similar to Skrillex?

Asked by XOIIO (18288points) March 16th, 2011

Man, I just listened to one Skrillex song, then got all of them! They are awesome! Can you recommend any bands with a similar sound? I’m so addicted to this type of music.

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Flux Pavillion, Deadmau5, Bassnectar, Skream are some similar artists.

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This is just the first page of’s list. Pandora has their own shortlist on their page for Skrillex.

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@Sarcasm Deadmau and flux pavillion are winners to me! Thanks!

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Skrillex = one guy.

Get pretty much any dubstep compilation, though, and there will be lots of artists just like Skrillex.

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Noisia and PANTyRAID

I’m seein Skrillex at a festival this summer :)

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I just saw him open for deadmau5. Check out, Boys noise, bloody beatroots, mstrkrft.

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seeing mstrkrft at the same festival too :P

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