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Merge partitions together?

Asked by XOIIO (18320points) March 16th, 2011

I made several partitions on a 1tb external drive. I just deleted 2 of them, but instead of the unallocated space merging, I have 80 gig and 55 gig sections of unallocated space.How do i fix this?

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I’m pretty sure the only way you can do that is to reformat the drive. There may be tools out there that I’m not aware of, but usually you have to reformat.

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Damn. I don’t feel like waiting for that to format, and I got stuff onthere that surpases my computers remaining space:(

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@SeaTurtle Windows 7.I have tried programs in Parted magic and HBCD as well, and Easus partition master, none of them ahve a merge option.I also have another PC with XP on it.

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does this help you should be able to expand wour windows 7 existing partitions to encompass the orphaned space.

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@SeaTurtle nope. Still wont let me merge the 2 seperate unallocated sections.

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I dont think you can merge two unallocated sections, you need to bring them into an existing partition first.

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Like SeaTurtle said you need to reallocate that space into a partition first.

Use PatitionMagic [ it’s a self explanatory program ] if you can afford to buy it or get it from other sources ^^

Anyway it should help you no matter what operating system you have.

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@Hibernate I got it on HBCD 12.

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I haven’t worked with that so i don’t really know how good it is.

PartitionMagic is reliable [ not trying to advertise it but give it a shot ]

btw you need full version the shareware one won’t work for what you need.

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@Hibernate damn

To the piratebay we go, to the piratebay we go…

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I have used Partition Wizard. The Home Edition is freeware.
I’ve used it with great results on my Windows 7 and Windows XP laptops.
I thought it was intuitive and forgiving software.
I have not used it on external drives yet. I think you will like it.

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