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Does anyone know if Hand Scraped hardwood flooring is a good idea?

Asked by marialisa (464points) March 16th, 2011

What kind of hardwood flooring is a smart choice?

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It would be beautiful in the right setting. What kind of house and decor do you have? Also, what kind of wear and tear will the floors receive? Kids, dogs? There are so many hardwood choices that knowing the surroundings will help us make recommendations.

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One thing to consider is that no table, chair, nightstand, etc will sit flat. With handscraped floors almost all furniture wobbles. It drives me nuts, but may not bug you. Good luck.

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I put hand scraped bamboo in my last house.
It was amazing. I am in the middle of a huge remodel on my next house and I will be using it again. I had no problems with wobbly furniture.

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@augustlan Right now I have a heavily used living room area where I have rust leather. No little kids and no pets. My original choice was Brazillian Cherry. I think its too nice. Although affordable. 31/4 inch by ¾ inch solid.
@stevenb I never thought of that.
@Judi I want a very hard surface for wear and tear.

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It doesn’t get much harder than bamboo and it wears really really well. The hand scrapped also adds a character that makes occasional scratches look intentional. My husband is a contractor and aside from tile, this is about the toughest stuff we have used.
There is a tile product that looks exactly like hardwood. we have used it before and people thought it really was wood.

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You might consider laminate or tile that looks like hardwood, if you’re looking for something really hard. All wood floors are going to end up with some scratches, most likely.

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My experience with laminate is that it is easily scratched. Much more so than the hand scraped hardwoods.

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Ah. I’ve never had it, but I’m always hearing how sturdy it is. Marketing got me!

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When your in home depot, take your car key to the sample. It’s basically a super thin sheet (more like painting) of wood over a particle board type product. If it scratches it looks like crap. Hardwood, (especially the hand scraped) may scratch, but it has a tendency to not show or stand out so much. The higher polished hardwoods look pretty bad when they are scratched, but those hand scraped floors have a way of just getting more character the more they’re used (IMHO)

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A friend has handscraped heartwood pine throughout their home and it is absolutely beautiful.I’d go for that in a second.:)

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I have hand scraped hardwood in the kitchen, dining room, living room and hallways at my new place.
I love it!

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If you do go with hardwood, please try to buy FSC certified wood. All too many hardwoods come from the destruction of tropical forests.

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