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How do I make an ice-cream coffee?

Asked by SeaTurtle (1179points) March 17th, 2011

Ok I have a craving. When on holiday in Europe I had some ice-cream coffee (frappycino or something)
Now I have myself some fresh coffee beans and delicious choco -coconut ice cream.
How do I make it? do I still froth the milk? make the cappuccino first then add ice cream? Help !

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At the cafe I worked at, we had “frozen cappuccini.”

Mix these ingredients in a blender:
-A double shot of espresso run as a single (less water, more concentrated)
-Ice cream (chocolate and coffee, in our case)
-Chocolate syrup
-A couple ice cubes


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im being overly impatient :)

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just on time thank you :) I will tell you how it turns out. mmmmmm

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Oooooo, That is sooo nice thank you @sliceswiththings . I didn’t have Choc syrup so used a spoonful of honey instead mmmmm so awesomely fandabulous !

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