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Where would you recommend to go on vacation? (Please read the details.)

Asked by Pied_Pfeffer (27984points) March 17th, 2011

My SO and I are attempting to come up with the next place to go on vacation. We like places where we can walk around all day and delve into a new culture. So far, we’ve been to Washington DC, Rome, London and Marrakesh, all of which we adored because of the sights.

Is there someplace that you’ve been to or wish to visit that fits this general description and you would recommend?

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I took a trip through Scandinavia when I was a Senior in high school. It was wonderful.

Taking a cruise around the Fjords of Norway is well worth the time.

An Alaskan cruise down the inner passage is also a nice trip if you are into majestic scenery plus you get to walk around all day at the various ports of call.

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@YoBob Thank you. We’ve talked about that part of Europe, but haven’t done any research on it yet. Alaska is in the radar, but not top priority as it’s more of a cruise thing than culture and walking. We could tie it in to a stop in San Fransisco.

@marinelife Greece is a place I’d love to go on vacation. Any specific recommendations on cities/islands?

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@Pied_Pfeffer – Wherever you decide to go I hope you have a wonderful time.

Just a personal note on the cruise as a vacation. IMHO, cruises are fantastic. Basically they are like a rather nice hotel that follows you along on your trip. You get to see several different ports of call, generally have plenty of time to wander around on day excursions and there is usually some excellent on board entertainment and meals are included.

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@marinelife and @Pied_Pfeffer I will actually be visiting the Greek islands this coming fall if nothing catastrophic happens before then. I’ll be spending a few days in Athens, then going to Delos, Santorini, Rhodes, and Kos. These seemed to be a nice mix of good beaches and interesting history. (Especially Kos, where Hippocrates was supposed to have lived and taught.)

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Aside from Japan, if you haven’t traveled in Asia yet, I’d suggest China, Taiwan, Thailand, India.

So much to see and do!

Temples, night markets, amazing food, culture.

If you plan a trip during Chinese New Year you’re in for a wild time!

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@YoBob I was talking to a relative who mentioned that our niece was going on another cruise. I asked, “Where are they going?” His response: “To eat.” :) A cruise is definitely something I want to do…it’s just a matter of finding the right place.

@Dr_Dredd Thank you for sharing your list. It could come in handy. How long will you be there?

@Coloma India is #1 on my list. Andrew has been there before and would like to go back. Have you been to any of these countries, and if so, are there any specific places you can recommend?

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So many places, but what about the Far East? It would take a lifetime to explore China, and Japan is also a great place to visit (if you’re shy of “less developed” countries)

But I gotta recommend Vietnam too, I love the food and its so, so, so cheap (about 12p for a glass of beer, £4 to rent a 125cc bike for the day).

But then there’s also Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore nearby… you could visit all of them! All worthwhile. But China, too…. argh so much choice.

I went and visited Hong Kong (Which is also an AMAZING place) China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore last summer, in order to decide which I’d like to spend more time exploring, next time I go out East… I must say though, I loved every minute & I’ll have a hard time deciding, but that in itself is reason enough to go and visit them all (like me)!

And still I need to visit India and I’d like to see some of Africa too! Morocco is definitely on the list, though I’ve heard Fez is much cooler than Marrakech…

I don’t even know how you can ask this question! There is literally a whole world to explore, and literally all of it is amazing! Even the USA is amazing, once you leave their pitiable ideas of civilization & culture behind and go out into the wilderness! (Though obv NYC is on my list)

IME, if you want cities, things to see and do, to be able to casually stroll around all day, Singapore and Hong Kong will be great for you, but don’t forget there’s plenty to see and do in between!

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Paris? Greece? Rome? Beijing?
The world is a big place!

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And yeah, Paris is the most beautiful city on Earth, as far as I know….

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Tripoli is nice this time of year I hear :¬(
I myself like Barcelona & Paris, for what it’s worth :¬)

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@Pied_Pfeffer Two weeks. I can’t wait!

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I’m with @The_Idler

I never made it to Vietnam or Korea but I LOVED Taiwan.
I’d like to take a river boat down the Mekong.

If you have your visa 6 months in advance you can stay on Taiwan and then just skip on over to the PRC.

One of the coolest attractions is Taroko National Park in the mountains outside of Hualien.

The native peeps were real head hunters until just a century ago.

Start practicing your squat, Chinese toilets are great for building strong thighs and gluts, especially on moving trains. lol

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My dream destination is Romania but, from the places I have been to, I would definately recommend some of the Italian cities for the type of trip you would like.

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@Pied_Pfeffer Here is an article that I wrote, which has recommendations in it.

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We had a great time in Provence, France: walked around, absorbed the culture, ate breakfast and lunch as the locals did every day (dinners were probably fancier than what locals did regularly). They did not seem to be used to catering to tourists, so it felt much more authentic.

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Ireland? Scotland?

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Germany; Berlin to be specific. Lots of art and culture. And God knows they have history.

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The kicker in your description is walkability. That limits you to cities really.

In that case, I highly recommend San Francisco. It has sights, museums, culture, and just about anything else you can imagine beside being one of the most beautiful cities anywhere.

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My dream vacation is to go to the Galàpagos islands off the coast of ecuador. Pricey, but it seems so amazing! It must be so cool to see all of these unusual animals that are not even afraid to come up to you! Here’s a very basic link I found after Feeling lucky upon searching “Galapagos islands”:

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I had my favorite vacation on the Mayan Riviera
The ruins of Tulum and Chichen Itza are eerie and amazing places to spend a few days exploring.

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Try going to Mexico, Venezuela, or Brazil. There are plenty of places in Brazil where you will get to meet the people and sample the cuisine. Or you can always go to Lebanon with its blend of cultures.

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Absolutely! Laramie, Wyoming!

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I would love to go to Turkey. The people that I know from there are the nicest people. I want to go to Istanbul, but especially Cappadocia

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Moscow, anywhere in Estonia, Germany, Scandinavia, Macchu Picchu, and Greece are all great people. I’m from Russia and all of my great memories took place in Moscow! It’s gorgeous.

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Seattle Washington

Portland Oregon

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Boston, Massachusetts

Philadephia, Pennsylvania

Copenhagen, Denmark

Amsterdam, Holland

Dublin, Ireland

Edinburgh, Scotland

Charleson, South Carolina

Paris, France

San Luis Obispo, California

Santa Barbara, California

Solvang, California

Miami, Florida

Sedona, Arizona

Las Vegas, Nevada

Aspen, Colorado

Memphis, Tennessee

San Antonio, Texas

And if not for the earthquake, Kyoto Japan

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thailand is amazing i went there for 10 days and i enjoyed it much mor than Bali

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If you want to go less exotic (less expensive) I would recommend Vancouver Island. Drive or fly to Vancouver, take the sunset dinner cruise up and down the Georgia Strait. The next day, take the ferry over to Nanaimo and check out the bastian and the Nanaimo Museum. Then drive down to Victoria, hitting the butchart gardens and take afternoon tea there. In Victoria, see the parliament building, Fort Rodd Hill, Fisgard Lighthouse, the Royal Museum and Maritime Museum, the Emily Carr House, the Helmcken House, and of course, Craigdarroch Castle. When you are ready to leave, take the ferry from Victoria to Seattle and drive or fly home.

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The thing about Thailand is that they genuinely want tourists to have a good time. There is not as much money grubbing as in Bali – so I would agree with @rebecca_harris9

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For those of you still hanging onto this thread, thank you so much for the recommendations. Last year, the partner and I went to Barcelona and Munich. This year, we went to Paris, Lisbon, and Istanbul.

These recommendations will come in handy when we plan our future trips. Some are already on our radar. As @The_Idler says, there are so many places to visit!

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