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Curious; how many Irish Jellies do we have here (I've got an 1/8 in me - that counts!)

Asked by Jude (32134points) March 17th, 2011

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I’m not at all Irish, but I’ve got some Irish in my coffee this morning – does that count?

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I was once married to a McGhee and like @Seelix I’ve got some Irish in my cup of coffee this morning – does that count?

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I’ve got enough Irish in me not to be embarassed about celebrating the day!

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Irish coffee counts!

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I’m ⅓ Irish and thanks for the reminder for me to don me emerald apparel.

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¼th or so. My name is all Irish, so to make things simpler, I usually just identify as Irish.

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I’m mint jelly too.

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I am at least a quarter Irish! In fact my last name translates to “dunder head” in Gaelic.

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Half-Irish on my mom’s side.

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I’m Irish.

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I’m part Irish, just as I’m part German, Indian, English and Black Dutch. St. Patrick’s Day is the only “nationality-related” holiday that I celebrate though. It’s weird- even though I’ve never been there, I feel this weird pull toward Ireland and all things Irish. I honestly wish I could move there.

And like many others on this thread, I been drinkin’ me coffee wit a wee bit o’ OIrish in it. :P

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My grandmother’s grandparents were from Ireland. The name was McGuffey.

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My grandmother’s grandma was born in County Clare
Happy St Patrick’s day honeys <hugs fellow jellies> xx

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An áit a bhfuil do chroí is ann a tharbhfas do chosa thú.

Just a little something for everyone to remember: Your feet will take you to where your heart is.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

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I’m not Irish, but oh my gosh, this thread is going to make me fall in love with someone.

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@Allie Astrochuck?

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@Jude I think he gave me up for Lent….

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@Allie ooh.. rriight.

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Me! Duncan is an old family name, and I think we even have a tartan. :D

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I’m a Jewlly.

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I’m 1/8th Irish.

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Yesterday I went for a manicure and pedicure to lift my morale while my right arm is still in a splint—and also to welcome my right foot back into the open air. I had one fingernail painted emerald green while the rest were done in a nice light pearly shade. That is probably about proportional to the amount of Irish I have in me.

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@tranquilsea I love your avatar photo.

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Everybody can be Irish on Saint Patrick’s Day

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@Jeruba Mani’s and Pedi’s are great for lifting the spirits, aren’t they?

@augustlan I have a tartan “by marriage”, I guess you would say. My husband is part Scottish; we ordered a pic of the tartan and the coat of arms for his family name.

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¼ Irish here :D

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@Jude That’s my grandmother and my mother. I look a lot like my grandmother and not so much like my mother

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A bit Irish. Pinch me.

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Irish Girls Are Pretty. . :)~

It’s not out of the realm of possibility, considering how Celtic my ancestry, but I am unaware of any Irish forebears. About ¾ Scottish, with English and Welsh thrown in there to round out the Celtic blend. The rest that I know of is Dutch, German, and Portuguese.

Irish girls are some of the most attractive girls I’ve ever seen.

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<<< Irish in spirit, luv, and like the colour green as well. You might say I’m a leprechaun of sorts.

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Just realized that the Duncan/tartan thing is from my Scottish side. Duh! Still, I’m as much Irish as Scottish, with some German, French, English and Cheyenne Indian in the mix. Your standard mutt!

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@augustlan, except for the Cheyenne, you and I are made of exactly the same stuff.

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I’m made of the same stuff as Jeruba! Day: made.

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I’m about an 1/8 or so.

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I’m an 1/8 Irish and feel unqualified to pretend I’m Irish. If I want to get drunk, I don’t need to reinforce Irish stereotypes as an excuse to do it.

I don’t get St. Patty’s Day. I’m pretty sure most of the people that get drunk on it are college students and people who are barely to non-Irish. It’s not like most people actually give two shits about St. Patrick, they just make it another National Drinking Day. I bet they’d all suddenly want to celebrate Hannukah or The Haj if it involved drinking.

Not sure why this bothers me so much. Maybe it was the Asian dude at work wearing a lot of green today.

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@cockswain He was just trying to keep you from pinching him, ya Aryophile. :O

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I can’t find a definition for ‘aryophile.’

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@cockswain You’ll love this bit of information my daughter told me today. The kindergarten classes set traps to catch leprechauns. She was so jealous. She’s in 1st grade and didn’t get to do it.

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I should have added to my post that the “mc” at the end of my handle is the beginning Mick name.

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I’m McJewish.

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@seazen_ That sounds like kosher fast food.

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Yes, my paternal grandfather was Irish. I have the green eyes and freckles to prove it. ;)

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I’ve got a little Irish in me…do you want a little Irish in you?

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I believe there is some Irish in me. That would explain the freckles… :)

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@JmacOroni Blonde hair and green eyes. Beautiful. :)

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@cockswain You can’t find one because I made it up after misreading your post. What do they call a person who is obsessively interested in Irish culture and people?

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Actually, there is a legit term for it: <—From the Roman name for Ireland, “Hibernia” meaning “Winterland”.

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I like those better. Aryophile has too much of a white supremacist feel.

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Counting Orange?

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@MissAnthrope I thought about Eirophile, but I liked my made-up word better. It (Aryophile) does sound rather like a word referring to a gaggle of Prussian Blue fans…so sorry about that, @cockswain .

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My last name is 100% Irish. But my ancestors came to U.S. America before the Civil War and so I’m a mutt. I’ll bet that President O’bama actually is more Irish than I am.

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