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Has anyone seen the documentary Obama Deception? What is your opinion on this matter?

Asked by robdamel (791points) March 17th, 2011

According the the Obama Deception, Obama is a puppet of the actual owners of the world, the bankers, Wall Street.

The Federal Reserve is a privately owned (of which I had no idea) and claim to be above the law.

This documentary really clogged my mind. I dont know what to believe. What is your opinion on all this?

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Money rules the world.

I don’t think we need a conspiracy theory to understand that if you have it, you’re treated differently.

It’s a question of how much the people allow it to happen, in the end.

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The Federal Reserve is not privately owned, but the heads of it are usually highly prominent members of the private business world.

I highly doubt Obama is a puppet owned by business people. However you’d be a fool to think business people have no influence on his actions (as with ANY politician).

More than likely though you saw a sensationalized documentary with a very obvious agenda.

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I haven’t seen it, but it sounds like the usual propaganda to me.

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All high elected officials are in the pocket of big business. I had no idea that it was a conspiracy theory.

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Obama didn’t raise over 800 million for his presidential bid campaign by sheer generosity of the adoring public. AND he is poised to spend over a trillion dollars to try and get re-elected and that kind of coin comes from back pocket “investors” who Obama again will have promises they will want him to keep.

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Well if Obama is a puppet of the owners of the world, he isn’t the only one.

Let’s take a look at the Bush Tax Cuts, ”The tax cuts have conferred the most benefits, by far, on the highest-income households — those least in need of additional resources — at a time when income already is exceptionally concentrated at the top of the income spectrum.” Might this mythical group of bankers benefit from moves like these?

The idea of an Illuminati that controls the puppets that run the world is age old. Anyone who doesn’t think that big business and big money has a big say in how the world is run is either incredibly naive, or deluding themselves.

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So it seems, according to the documentary, (and if I understood correctly), the ultimate goal is a world central bank, where the entire world will pay taxes directly to group of Elites behind the bank.

The 2008 crisis was all planned, for the exact purpose that many bankrupted banks could be purchased by these Elites (which in the end, happened).

The idea of a central bank was spread as a solution.

The documentary makes incredible sense, but it would be naive to immediately believe it all. I`ll have to do some private research.

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@robdamel The Federal Reserve is the privately owned central bank of America. The exact thing presidents in the past have warned us against. Try googling fractional reserve lending. That will really open your eyes about how the fed creates the money they “lend”.

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Two words: Conspiracy Theory.

Two more words: Bull shit.

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Don’t know the film but it sounds like the makers were trying to be the Michael Moores of the right.

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Someone gave it to me at a meeting of a sustainability-focused group. I watched it, because I am not a fan of Obama (or any politician for that matter). I’ll echo what @iamthemob said, slightly paraphrased: I don’t need some crazy ass conspiracy theory to understand that sneaky shit is going on and that those with money and power take advantage of the rest of us. It’s not a secret conspiracy, it’s on the news every damn day.

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I heard and read the same claims about George W. It seems that whoever is in power gets labelled a puppet by detractors.

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IThis conspiracy theory has been applied to every president since WWII. JFK supposedly was bumped off, then RFK after him because they wouldn;t do the bidding of the sinister group supposedly run by the Rothschilds. While I think it;s bunk, I have no question that Wall Street and the international banksters have their hooks into both parties in the US today and are pulling the strings trying their best to turn America into a fascist state ruled by a corporatocracy, where the rules are written by and for them to maximize their profits and pass all risks to the working masses. It is definitely worth looking into, learning about, and resisting.

While the Democrats play ball to some extent with global corporatists, the Republican Party IS their lackey now. The current drive to rig voting in 32 states and the nationwide drive for union busting are just two signs this is so.

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All of the presidents were puppets.. well maybe except for a few of the first presidents and FDR.

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